‘Educate, Inspire, Connect’ – quoted by the first key-note lecturer of IGCLA 2016, Dr. M.G. Deo, (Padmashree awardee), Vice-President of Moving Academy of Medicine and Biomedicine. The academy, led by Dr. Deo, conducts various science workshops and contests for the school-going children from all socio-economic classes. He stressed on the fact that science is built by novel innovations and screened a video of his science program, conducted in an Adivasi community. His lecture revolved around the development of biology over the years and how biologists utilize the knowledge of physics and chemistry. He spoke about various physical parameters such as homeostasis (steady state) and how its definition varies in different streams of science. He concluded his speech emphasizing on the need for higher number of interdisciplinary studies and researches. The talk was followed by an interactive queries session.

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