Arrayed in a dizzying zig­zag reminiscent of a maze, posters pinned to the stark crimson boards gleamed under the watchful supervision of their creators. The undercurrent of competition raged as adrenaline through the veins of the presenters, as evidenced by numerous instances of fumbling out the most simple of words ­ converting a sentence as innocuous as ‘I like your poster’ into the decidedly surreal ‘I like your pot sir.’

On the other hand, the normal state of the botched sentence was an oft repeated phrase, as admiring glances flitted across arcane case reports, explorations of interesting hypotheses and startling summaries of surveys.

The judges methodically made their way through the room, assessing presentations and posters in order to scale their nigh insurmountable hurdle of choosing the best amongst the plethora of likely candidates present.

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