After a very exciting round of prelims on the 15 th , the Finals of the Emergency Medicine Quiz were held on the 17 th of September at TMA Pai Hall. The Quizmasters were Dr. Naman Agarwal, an EM Physician and Dr. Roshan & Dr. Rachna, 2 EM Postgraduates, all from AIIMS, New Delhi.

The quiz was preceded by a short discussion on the cases that were asked during the Preliminary round. This was followed by the actual quiz, which had a number of interesting formats. It started with a “Resuscitation Round” where the participants were asked about a variety of life saving drugs and dosages. Most of them either got it wrong or just made lucky (read wild) guesses!

This was followed by a “Visual Round” on various instruments, scans and conditions followed by “Case Based Round.” The most exciting of course was the “Dumb Charades Round” which had all the teams enacting various disease conditions (Graves, SLE, Psittacosis etc.)

What more, this was the only round where all teams got each question right making even the Quizmaster comment on the acting talent at KMC!

The final round was a “Rapid Fire” one, which completely changed the scores and final results of the quiz.

The First Place amongst the 4 teams was bagged by: Niranjan Karthik, Srinivas Pai, Yogesh Kini

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