Festival Of Ideas

The Editorial Board of KMC organized Festival of Ideas from August 30th to September 2nd. Festival of Ideas was centered around the idea that art, music, literature and theatre play a paramount part in defining who we are.

With a myriad of colorful craft papers and more than eager hands, the TMA Pai Hall 2 was all set for the first day of the Festival of Ideas (FoI), a much needed literary and art fest hosted by the Editorial Board, KMC Manipal. Conducted by Artefact, KMC’s in-house art and craft club, the Origami workshop was undoubtedly one of the most awaited workshops of Day 1. First off, they started with a brief round of introduction followed by a basic round of shape making using plain papers. Once participants were comfortable with the basic shapes, they gradually went on to making more complex shapes like flying birds and lanterns. Against a soothing background of fairy lights, the participants thus spent a laid back yet entertaining evening, making Day 1 of FoI a success.

Drama Workshop: The participants didn’t know it yet, but they surely were in for a treat on Sept 1, 2018. The Day 2 of FoI had already enthralled all its participants with stellar workshops like the Alipore Post poetry workshop and Kommune, the fun wasn’t over yet. Dramanon, a well- known dramatics club operating in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Manipal, was the host for this event and they wonderfully brought out the essence of drama through this workshop. Despite a small delay and an unexpected change in the venue, this workshop managed to thrill all those who were a part of it. They began with a small ice-breaking session and an exercise to bring out the loud ‘inner’ voice of all participants right from the stomach. Later they went on to some rather interesting and unique games wherein participants were made to express various emotions within a very short span of time or speak with varying intensities of their voices to mimic different characters. The shower of applause at the end of this event was an absolute proof of a job well done by the organizers.

Cartooning: In the ongoing FOI by the editorial board the cartooning workshop held introduced the participants to the finer points of the art. Going over the generic problem points like drawing facial expressions, the spacing between each characteristic and side profiles. On asking the participants as to what they felt was the most challenging part a unanimous voice asked for the nuances of drawing hands. The instructor asked us to look at their own hands and their friend’s hands and draw a simple yet a very insightful observation that the participants benefitted from. Apart from the anatomical aspects emphasis was also laid on drawing clothes so as to portray the distinction between every material and how the creases, thickness etc. matters for displaying the individuality of the characters. The workshop also advised the participants to study the work of different artists and try and adapt their style into their work process. The workshop was a very enriching and enjoyable experience for all the budding cartoonists.

Slam poetry: Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativitySlam poetry is the simplest form of this creative outflow where people can voice their works without any judgment or critique. In the ongoing FOI by the KMC Editorial Board, the Slam Poetry event saw a number of participants give voice to their creations portraying not just events from their own life but also fictional creations that left the audience spellbound. With titles like ‘The Jaded Mystic’, ‘It’s Strange’, ‘Love, hello old me’ the event was a treat for everyone who attended it and a great platform for the young artists to showcase their talents.

Acoustic evening: The acoustic evening organized by the editorial board of KMC Manipal during their ongoing Festival of Ideas was a celebration of art in its cardinal form. With a night of enthralling performances with songs, poetry, and storytelling, the audience was in for an indelible experience. The TMA Pai Halls were unrecognizable, having transcended into the spirit of an auditorium, the performances augmented by the ambience captivated the audience throughout the length of the event. The experience was a soothing way to end the day.

Zine Making Workshop : Conducted by Rohini K of Alipore Post, this workshop coaxed art out of even the most unartistic individuals. A zine is a small self-published work, almost like a small magazine. The participants worked with newspaper cuttings, magazines and an entire area of colourful stationary to produce the most extraordinary zines at the end of about 2 hours.

The Rural India Project– Indranil Sarkar

TRIP-The Rural India Project. It’s an initiative centered around changing rural lives by opening urban eyes. Pioneered by Indranil Sarkar, a graduate of SOC, the members of TRIP travel around India not only to photograph or document the lives of rural Indians, but to live amongst them and to experience their way of life first hand. The talk on 1st September was simply a prelude to the main event being held on 2nd. It was a glimpse of the ideology of TRIP and everything they were working to achieve.

Kommune– Art of Storytelling

Hari Sankar, entrepreneur-in-residence of Kommune India, conducted a workshop describing the ‘Art of storytelling’ on day 3 of FoI. He took the participants through a journey, revisiting their memories, immersing themselves into the 5 facets of sensation and putting their emotions to paper. He ended the sessions with a little story telling session, where he performed a piece called ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.

Festivals of Ideas was a revolutionary new platform which helped students learn and express themselves like never before. It was indeed a festival of ideas.



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