Fuel RC Burnout

Burnout, the second event of the 4 events under Fuel RC, took place on day 2 of Tech Tatva. Fuel RC is a non elimination category, in which participation in all its events is compulsory since the winners will be announced according to the total points scored from the events.dsc_0703

The event took place on the stretch in front of the 13th block and commenced at 7:30pm and went on till 9:00pm. It had drawn in an audience comprising of just about any person who walked up the pathway to MIT from KC or vice versa – they couldn’t have chosen a better set up.

Each team was made to either make or buy a car, and then have their cars race against each other. It was all about reaching the finish line with maximum speed so as to overtake the competition. “These cars can go up to 80 kmph and when they start, they’re on full throttle” said Akshat Mathur, Cat Head of Fuel RC. The cars had to travel in a straight line along a straight path, and so the teams had to adjust their steering accordingly. Many accidents could have taken place with the cars, but the collisions were minimal.  LED lights were used to add to the aesthetics of the event and placed along the sides of the racetrack. As the first car passed the finish line in each round, the LED lights placed at the end of its lane lit up, denoting the car as the winner. With the invigorating show that the event put forth with the speeding cars, it was a great spectacle for all who witnessed it.


-Aishwarya Sanjay for MTTN


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