Genesis 2019

‘Genesis – Initium Novum’, the annual student council inaugural function of MCOPS was held on the 12th of August, 2019. The event had two main events; the formal followed by the informal event. ‘Genesis’ was graced by the Principal of MCOPS, Dr. Mallikarjuna Rao, the Vice Principal, Dr. S Reddy along with the chief guest for the evening, Dr. Geetha Maiya, Director of Student Affairs, MAHE. The new Secretary of MAPS, Krishnamurthy Bhat was also present for the function.

‘Genesis’ opened with an invocation song along with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries to signal the formal opening of ‘Genesis’. The formal event continued with the bestowing of badges and certificates to the heads of the various councils, starting with the President of MAPS, Aayush Menon, followed by the Vice President, Fatimazahra Moledina, who is also the Head of the Academic Council, and the General Secretary, Gaurav Kandoi. MAPS has different committees to carry out several activities that MCOPS students participate in throughout the year.

The Sports Council is led by Garima Kango along with her two joint secretaries, Tejas Chinta and Swarnabh Chatterjee. Cultural Committee is looked after by Rutu Rajeevan and is assisted by the Joint Secretary, Soumyadeep Bose. The Secretary of Community Development Committee is Divya Krishnan and the Joint Secretary is Freya Felicia D’Souza and their graphic designer is Manish Choudhury. The Editor-in-Chief is Rishav Bhattacherjee and the joint editor is Aditi Dhawan. The Student Exchange Committee Secretary is Shrawal Kotian and Shimona Lakhani is its Joint Secretary. Disciplinary Committee is led by Kalgi Barodia and Lavanya Swaminathan. The I2C committee, which is the Research Scholar’s Committee is headed by Keerthi Priya and its joint secretaries are Sivakumar Kannan and Fatemeh Karimi. The formal event was an event for all the council members to officially start their duties for this year, and be recognised for their service to the college.

After the conclusion of the formal ceremony, the informal event began, which was full of lively performances from the Freshers along with some foot-tapping dances from the second and third years as well. The first-year participants enthralled the audience with their dance, singing and acting spectacle, showing the audience what they’re made of and leaving them wanting more.

All in all, ‘Genesis 2019’ was an affair for all to remember, reminding the students that responsibilities come first, but it is essential to have fun and enjoy extracurricular activities as well.

-Written by Sanjana Shastri

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