Hostel Guide : The (Senior) Girls’ Blocks

When you are tired after having attended four hours of class and three hours of lab, all you want is a peaceful recline where you can forget about the rest of the world’s problems and escape to some fulfilling siesta. Deciding which hostel to take for the year can therefore be a tedious job. For the next whole college year, it is this room which will witness your troubled break-outs (or breakups) the aftermath of many ecstatic or depressing phone conversations, some happy moments, some sad and leave you with a vivid feeling of belongingness, such that you will end up missing your block once this ends.

This is exactly why we want you to make a well-informed decision before you apply for the hostels. From bed sizes to spacious corridors, washrooms to ventilation, we have you covered. Take a look at the various blocks and what they have in store for you, so that you do not regret it once you are allotted the room you’re about to live in for the next one year.

13th Block:

It is the largest girls block in MIT, accommodating a total of 642 students in single/double AC/non-AC rooms. The early morning view from the extension balcony is one of the best in Manipal.

View from 13th block 6th floor extension balcony


There are eight floors, six in the main building and two additional floors in the extension. The 3rd, 4th and 5th floors have only non-AC rooms and all the remaining floors have both AC and non-AC rooms.

Every room has an attached bathroom.

Students can avail the mess facility either from Ashraya (veg/non-veg) or Ananya (only veg), which is within the hostel premises.


13th block corridors.
13th Block Corridors.


  1. Closest senior block to the college. Takes approximately 5 minutes to NLH and 7 minutes to AB5.
  2. The Campus Stores is right outside the block.
  3. Night canteen, with decent items on menu (unlike 12th Block) is available.
  4. Washing Machines are present on three floors.
  5. Water coolers are present on each floor.
  6. The block also has T.V rooms, TT tables and a well-equipped gym.
  7. The rooms are quite spacious with proper study tables and book shelves.






13th block Gym
13th Block Gym






  1. The Wi-Fi in main building never works. One will either have to take a LAN connection or go the extension to use the Wi-Fi.
  2. The rooms in the extension are smaller and compact as compared to main building.
  3. The rooms in the basement generally witness water leakage and provide a home to fungus during the monsoon.

8th Block:

Famous for its haunted look, this block is hidden from plain sight. Sandwiched between 7th block and 6th block, this hostel is a standing testament of “Looks can be deceptive”.


  1. It has 4 floors with a total of 116 rooms.
  2. The type of rooms availed here are double attached Non-AC and AC.



  1. It has been recently renovated and boasts of brand new furniture. The block has been re-painted and now looks less like a haunted house and more like a hostel.
  2. The rooms are spacious and comfortable.
  3. An open shelf with 4 racks for each person is ample enough space to store all our belongings
  4. Every room has an attached bathroom. Hot water is available through tap 24/7
  5. There is a washing machine and air cooler provided in each floor.
  6. There are AC rooms in the ground floor.
  7. 2 TT tables are also available in the 4th floor.
  8. Apoorva mess is right next to it although mess membership cannot be availed.
  9. Annapoorna mess is just a 5 minute walk albeit in the other direction from college.
  10. Sindhi mess is close to the block.
  11. 3 Wi-Fi routers present in each floor.



  1. It takes a good 15 minutes to walk from the block to AB5.
  2. Washing machines are sometimes dysfunctional.
  3. No full-length mirror is provided within the rooms. Only a common mirror is present in each floor.
  4. No mess within the hostel.
  5. No night canteen present within the hostel premises.
  6. Although a TV room exists, it is in the 5th floor rarely ever open.
  7. The internet speeds aren’t too fast.


3rd and 4th Block:


  1. An exact replica of 1st and 2nd block, this block is suitable for all those who crave for a spacious rooms and a wide open space in between.
  2. The kind of rooms availed here are Triple common bathroom and double common bathroom.
  3. The ground floor rooms are Double.



  1. Quite near to the college. Takes about 10 minutes to reach AB5
  2. The rooms are spacious and each person is provided with a bed, table, chair and a cupboard. A common rack is also provided in each room.
  3. Ashraya mess is right below. Food court is adjacent to it.
  4. Campus stores is right outside.
  5. Washing machines are available in each floor.
  6. The block has a big open ground in-between and is well-ventilated.



  1. Although the common bathrooms are well-maintained and cleaned thrice a day, it takes getting used to.
  2. Only one Wi-Fi router for the entire block is made available. The speeds can be erratic but then again, this is the condition in every block.
  3. No night canteen. However there is a small CCD outlet open till 12 everyday
  4. The rooms are home to all sorts of insects and bugs especially during monsoon season
  5. No mirror in each room. Only a full length common mirror is provided in each floor.
  6. Gets too sultry during the even semester.


NLB- Block 21

Luxurious living comes with a heavy price. The new ladies block is the most recently constructed block for girls and is also the most expensive block to save.



  1. 5 floors with 120 units in total.
  2. They comprise of mini-apartment like rooms. Each unit has a common room (hall) with a slab for kitchen use and two single NON-AC rooms with a shared bathroom.
  3. Also, a TV room and gym services are made available to its residents.
NLB Single Deluxe
NLB Single Deluxe


  1. The rooms are very spacious with ample closet space
  2. The study table is well equipped with a white board and a soft board.
  3. The lower ground floors have AC.
  4. Bathrooms are neat and hot water is available by tap and shower.
  5. Food court and Annapoorna mess are both within walkable distance.
  6. In each unit, a Wi-Fi router is provided in one of the two rooms and the speeds are exceptional.
  7. Washing machines are available in each floor.
  8. Manipal stores is right next door.



NLB common couch area
NLB common couch area
NLB common area(kitchen)
NLB common area(kitchen)




  1. It is the most expensive block.
  2. Gets very hot during the even semesters if you don’t have an AC room.
  3. Fungus starts growing on the walls during the monsoon.
  4. Far away from college.

This is the time of the year again when your roommate convincing skills are put to test. All the loyalties built over the year compared to petty friendships and the difficult truths confront you while you make the choice of a single over a double room, or resort to the fate your GPA has decided for you. While you choose the perfect hostel, with the perfect roommate- be precarious at the least, since once it’s done, it’s done. With exceptions of course.

For a complete list of hostel rules and regulations- press here

For the contact info of all mails and telephone numbers as available-press here

For structured fees on various hostel blocks-press here

-Compiled by Lasya Lakshmi, Prattusha Mukhopadhyay.






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