Hues 12: Day 3

Classical Dance Solo: The third day of the celebrations at the amphitheater started on a pleasant note of solo classical dance performances. Although only two slots performed, the light they threw on the classical heritage of the land was highly commendable. The first performance was a Bharatanatyam rendition to Shri Dayananda Saraswati’s famous ‘Bho Shambo’. The performance seemed coincidentally tailor-made for the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri. The second performance was an Assamese Sattriya rendition. Dancing to the ballads of a Vaishnava narration of ‘Murali Mohan’s’ antiques, the performers took the audience through a beautiful scene of ancient grace.


Western group song: As the sun was bidding adios and some nimbuses were fleeting towards the Eastern skies, the lights at the amphitheater lit up to the western group performances of Hues.
From the heavy thumps for ‘under pressure’ to the shrillest cheers for the ‘royals’, all the six slots of the evening kept the audience engaged by the second. The polyphonic overtones of slot five and the unison in the rendition of champions by slot number six gave goosebumps to the listeners. Overall the crisp segment pumped in a lot of zeal as the event moved on to the valedictory ceremony.



Mimicry: At 12:30 pm, students and faculty gathered in a lecture hall at CBS to witness mimicry. The rules were simple, the participants had to mimic or depict different personalities or situations encountered within the given time frame of three minutes. The topic for this event was given twenty-four hours prior, and was ‘the zoo’. The judges for this event were Dr.Pradeep (Additional Professor, Department of Prosthodontics) and Dr.Ritesh (Associate Professor, Department of Orthodontics). Despite the low turn out in terms of the number of participants, the event was still a success due to fabulous acts that each participant put up. With just three minutes on the clock, each contestant had something new and different to showcase from how Arnab Goswami would behave if he were to report the sightings of celebrities at a zoo or how Hrithik Roshan would approach the animals in the zoo, the mimicry acts definitely left the audience and judges in splits. As the event drew to a quick closure the judges were felicitated by Dr.Chetana ( Associate Professor, Department of Oral Pathology). The winner for this event was Priyanshu from the third year, and he says that events like these help him get good exposure and take a closer look at different characters and people, helping him understand the human nature better with a touch of humour. Wasim, another participant from the third year said that it was his first time participating and he had a great experience and that he would definitely take part in the event next year.

Valedictory:  In the amphitheater with a bluish atmosphere, the setting was perfect for the event. The prizes were distributed by the Dean, Dr. Keerthikatha M Pai, Dr. Reshmi Nayak – Professor and Head of Department of Paediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Karthik – Assistant Processor of Prosthodontics. Dr. Ishani (currently an intern) was the master of ceremony during the occasion.

The event was entirely organized by the current intern batch at Manipal College of Dental Sciences. A lot of joy and blissful reminisces were shared during the event and provided a moment for everyone to be proud of the batch’s achievements and progress throughout their years of study. After the event came to a close, the stage was set for the next event and the energy is at its peak for Duet Dance.

Duet Dance: Duet Dance was undoubtedly one of the events that everyone waited for with anticipation and high energy. While track checks and roll calls were underway, the area was filled with the music from dedications. The rules were announced and judges were ready and the event kicked off with Slot 3 duo kicking off the event.


Slot 3 dressed in striking black and white, started the evening with a remarkable fusion dance combination with iconic Hindi songs. Following cheers from the crowd and two more dedications, Slot 4 took the stage with a signature red and black look, dancing to the tunes of recent hits, displaying modern and western dance sprinkled with a few classical ones. This performance was a dedication to the first years from the second years. The absence of slot 5 was immediately filled by slot six with an epic duo- dance off and slot 7 swept the crowd with a boy and girl duet. Slot 8 was a thought-provoking themed dance of 3 different stages of 2 orphaned girls that had the audience reeled in. Slot 9 was a performance that was specially dedicated to martyrs who lost have sacrificed their lives for the nation with a military concept that definitely won everyone’s hearts. Slot 10 was a significant twist with an all-classical dance performance with the duo clad in sarees.

Energy and spirits are still high for Slot 11’s performance which covered several genres, followed by slot 12 who completely had the audience wrapped by their dance to famous and recognizable English songs in the hip-hop fashion. They were given a standing ovation and cheers were loud as Slot 13 took the stage. The duo presented a mystical and fleeting performance clad in black gowns and red and yellow accessories. This beautiful presentation was followed by Slot 14 with a sprinkle of change. The duo stole the show in traditional and colorful hip-hop attire. Slot 15 presented yet another twist with an all-classical performance but with a twist of modern incorporated with it.

The final slot, Slot 1 brought the event to an enthusiastic close through a themed dance depicting the beautiful bond between a mother and her daughter in striking red clothes that matched the song. The crowds were cheering as the stage came to a close with dedications and every performance was unique and met with an amazing crowd who supported them and gave the evening a lot of life and fun- providing testament to the #dyehard theme of Hues 12!

Written by: Vinay Reddy, Shalom Anthony, Nitya Sai T.

Photographs by: Nithin, Devansh, Apoorva

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