Hues 12: Day four

English Debate

At 9 AM, participants gathered at CBS to debate on the topic ‘Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in India at the earliest’. The competition was judged by Dr.Karthik(Department of Prosthodontics) and Dr.Arun (Department of Orthodontics). Teams of two participated in the competition, with each speaker getting 5 minutes to put across their points and a minute to answer the questions posed by the judges. The speakers put across their points with eloquence and grace. People for the motion spoke about how personal laws stem from patriarchal beliefs and that the Uniform Civil Code wouldn’t infringe on the right to practice any religion, they even suggested the need to homogenize the personal laws which could be done under the Uniform Civil Code. People speaking against the motion mentioned that India was a diverse nation which would make implementation of the uniform civil code difficult, they also said that compulsion of Uniform Civil Code would inhibit the freedom or religion. They also referred to the fact that uniformity doesn’t necessarily lead to unification. The points put across were thought-provoking and met with rounds of applauses. Finally, the time came to announce the winner for the event who were Kajol and Honey from third year. The judges of the event were felicitated by Dr.Shruti Acharya.


Collage making was one of the many events at CBS that showed a large participant turn out. The classroom was filled to capacity with excited students, who stood with their supplies in hand, ready to take charge. Collage making involved depicting the given topic of Peer Pressure on a piece of chart using magazines and newspapers only. The participants weren’t allowed to use scissors to cut out the necessary images or text nor use any form of stationery. The participants were supposed to work in teams of three with a given piece of chart, newspapers, magazines and glue only. The participants were given a time of one hour to come up with an idea and to present it beautifully. As time started, participants immediately dove into their work and started working. The competition was judged by Dr.Ballal and Dr.Jyothi, who declared Chhavi, Ramya and Pranjal (Interns) as winners.

Indian Classical Vocal (Solo)

Students used the electronic Shruti box to tune their voice minutes before the Indian Classical singing event began. A symphony of ragas and pitches greeted the judges as they entered LH 1 on day 4 of Hues. Each participant had a time slot of 5 minutes to sing. Five out of the seven participants were Hindustani classical singers while the other two were Carnatic classical singers. The audience and the judges were mesmerized by the soulful voices of the students of MCODS. Dr.Chetna from the Dept. of Oral Pathology and Dr. Nagaraja from Dept. of Dental Materials had a tough time choosing the top 3 singers from a myriad of talent. Ananth, a second year student bagged the first place, Janani Rajesh from TIPS the second and Neelam from first year came in third.


The impromptu nature of this event had students and judges on the edge of their seats. Each participant had 3 minutes to prepare after selecting a topic and another 3 minutes to speak. The topics this year ranged from light-hearted issues such as how to handle a drunk roommate to serious issues such as social networking sites being a drug. The judges were Dr. Monica from Dept of Oral Pathology and Dr. Ramprasad from Dept. Of Public Health Dentistry. The topic ‘Should schools ban Harry Potter from promoting witchcraft?’ stirred up quite a reaction from the audience. The event concluded with the topic ‘Space exploration cannot save mankind’. Each speech was delivered with confidence and grace and left the audience in awe.

Clay modelling

Clay modelling took place in the afternoon at CBS, with teams of three from each batch. The teams were to create anything from the clay provided on any topic. However, the teams were not allowed to use any external materials such as paints, wires etc. The teams were also not allowed to write on the structures that they built out of clay or on a piece of paper explaining what they created. The teams were given a time of two hours to complete the task, before the judges for the event Mr.Surendran and Mrs. Pawana Archarya came over and took a look at the structures. This event definitely highlighted the creative side of MCODS, as various beautiful clay models were created.


Students tapped their feet to the popular songs playing in the sun-kissed Amphitheatre at 5:30 as they waited for the first event of the evening, Mime, to begin. Four teams of participants with faces painted white and donned in black, showcased their creativity and talent as they wove wordless narratives around the topics they had been given. One member of each team was allowed to provide accompanying sounds to the show and the audience clapped in appreciation at the skill and synchrony demonstrated by the participants. The topics were announced to the audience and judges after each performance, so finding the premise of each act while it was happening was an enjoyable exercise in lateral thinking. The themes enacted were Temple Fare, Park, Circus and Art Academy. The judges Dr. Vineetha and Dr. Shruti, were hard-pressed to pick the winners since all four performances were top notch, but the prizes eventually went to the teams that enacted Park (Slot number 4) and Circus (Slot number 5).

Fusion Singing (G)

The talented singers of MCODS bid farewell to the setting sun as the fourth day of Hues rose in style at the amphitheatre. The event, fusion singing group, saw three slots with each group performing for a medley of songs. While the group of third years sang the melodious Lag jaa gale, the second years caught the audiences’ attention with the latest hit rap from gully boy. The show –stoppers for the evening were the interns who got amazing cheers from the jam-packed arena.

Indian Non-Classical Dance (S)

The Indian Non-classical solo dance competition gave a perfect platform for the display of an unregulated and truly independent expression of the soul. The line up had 8 performers, each surpassing the other. From freshers to interns, from retro songs like AR Rahman’s Urvasi to latest dance hits like Khalibali, the stage saw a diverse medley of performances. It was a true epitome of the melting pot our society envisions.

Western Dance (G)

The fourth day of Hues concluded with the highly anticipated Western dance competition. The judges for the event were introduced and the rules read out. Immediately after the sound check, the show began. The three teams gave performances to be reckoned with while the crowd cheered them on. The stage was lit up by an interplay of lights and energetic performances by the teams. The groups performed on songs in multiple languages and had notable pop culture references. The humorous emceeing and the ‘meme dances’ lightened up the mood of the otherwise tough competition. The day ended with the results, and the audience and the participants left the amphitheatre with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

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