Hues 9.0 Day 1

Hues Feature

MCODS’ very own annual fest, Hues started off on 7th February 2016. The first day of the 9th edition of this inter-semester competition saw paricipants try to outdo each other at every moment possible


Improvisation, quick wit and extensive musical trivia were all at display when enthusiastic participants took over the celebrated game that we all so love. Twenty teams of three members each registered for the preliminary round, a grindingly tough, literally testing Bollywood music quiz. Six teams advanced to the finals which consisted of four rounds: conventional Antakshari, Pictionary, Dumb Charades and Guess the Tune. Following teams picked the spoils:

1st position: Kasturi and team from TIPS

2nd position: Aditi and team from Second Year

3rd position: Sneha and team from TIPS


Hindi Debate:

The second event of the day was the Hindi Debate. The debate, held in CBS, had the motion, loosely translated, “Western culture is playing a positive role on the overall development of students.” Each team managed to put their points across effectively, with references from Raja Ram Mohan Roy to Rahul Gandhi. There was not a dull moment in the entire event, making it really difficult for the judges, Dr Saurabh Kumar from Dept of Pedodontics, Dr S.Karthik from Dept of Prosthodontics and Dr Siddharth Mehta from Dept of Orthodontics, to pick the best team.

Winners: Shreya and Tripti
Runners up: Dr Uday and Arunendra
Staff Event:

The highlight of day one, the staff events included various rounds, such as cooking, pictionary, dumb charades, etc. which provided a chance for teachers let loose their inner child and act goofy for a change.

The cooking round was entered by Dr. Kalgan Chakravarthy of the Public Health Department and Dr. Shruti Acharya of OMR, who won with her Coconut Lovedrops and Choco-chip Strawberry Cupcakes. The round was judged by Mr. Tiru of WGSHA. The team events had four rounds and 5 teams, which was won by Prosthodontics department team.

Staff Cooking             Staff Quiz


“The enemy has been spotted.”

For Hues 9.0, the chosen game was Call of Duty 2. After a slight delay, three teams of 6 each, sat down to gun down their enemies. The first years’ team lost to TIPS teams A and B in rounds 1 and 2 by 100 and 30 points, respectively. The final round was won by Arunendra and team by 50 points against team TIPS B.

Gaming CoD


“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” said the legendary cartoonist Walt Disney. The participants seemed more than just curious though, sketching marvelously their imaginations and fantasies. A span of 1.5 hours saw some immaculate cartoons and sketches coming to life.

Winners:  to be announced.


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