Hues 9.0: Day 2


The second day of Hues 9.0 kicked off with a more vigorous competitive spirit. The events for the day began at 9.00am at the Centre for Basic Sciences building.


The students unleashed their talent of imagination and oration in a span three minutes. The topics ranged from ‘Starvation’ and ‘Happy’ to ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Vegetable Market’. The event was judged by Dr. Jothi Varghese (Dept. of Periodontics) and Dr. Ramprakash (Public Health Department).


1st position – Soham Mitra (1st year ) and Arunendra Singh (TIPS)

2nd position – Yashasvi Kanoria (2nd year)

3rd position – Krithika Shastry (2nd year)



The halls of CBS reverberated with the echoes of literary fanaticism when the students of MCODS clashed against each other in the clash of lexical prowess. The participants were divided into two tables, in this battle. The students were to speak for as long as they could without a pause, grammatical error or stutter. Other table members played the role of zealous grammar Nazis and raised objections, based on which points were awarded. The fun quotient of the event was increased by a lively audience. The event was held in 3 rounds – 2 prelims and one mega finale. The event was chaired by Dr. Anand K.M. (Dept. of Molecular biology).


1st– Irfan (TIPS)

2nd – Gita (TIPS)

3rd – Prashasti (TIPS) and Balram (4th year)


The English Debate was the third event of the day with the motion being, “This House thinks that capitalism is better than socialism.” The 20 teams argued about concepts of economics and governance for the better part of the day. They were judged by Dr. Keerthilata, Dr. Mahalinga Bhat and Dr. Subraya Bhat.


1st – TIPS (Arunendra & Irfan)

2nd – 3rd year (Prabhjeet & Shareen), 4th year (Meenakshi & Shruthi)

3rd – TIPS (Shreya & Tripti), 4th year (Akanksha Roy & Akanksha Shukla)


One of the most interesting events was the collage making contest wherein using a pair of scissors was also restricted. With over two dozen teams of three participating, the topic for the collage was ‘Colorful Dentistry’. There were flurry of hands tearing up newspapers and magazines to make something praiseworthy, within an hour. The judges for the event were Dr. Jyothi, Dr. Swati and Dr. Deepika.


1st – TIPS (Kasturi, Neha & Radha)

2nd – 2nd year (Aditi, Radhika & Tapasi)

3rd – TIPS (Rishabh, Ankita & Ria)



Since wax carving is a skill that every student in dental school needs to acquire, Hues would not be complete without this event. The hour-long event saw the participants meticulously carving miniature works of art like a Rolls-Royce and a wedding ring out of wax blocks that are shorter than the length of a finger! The judges for this event were Dr. Vinu (Dept. of Prosthodontics) and Dr. Pradeep (Dept. of Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry).

Winners: To be announced.


The teams put up amazing skits to spread awareness on topics ranging from ‘Female feticide’ to ‘Education for all’. The judges for this event were Dr.Kishor Ginjupalli (Dept. of Dental materials) and Dr.Shridhar (Dept. of Oral surgery).


1st – 3rd years (Prabhjeet and team)

2nd – 4th years (Akanksha and team)

3rd – TIPS (Arunendra and team)


Article by:

Doorva Devarshi

Soham Mitra

Aishwarya Vishwanath


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