Hues 9.0 Day 5


The penultimate day of Hues 9.0 saw a tight competition among the different batches. As of day 4, TIPS is leading the fest. There is always chances for big leaps, and hence tougher competition is observed. The day 5 events that took place are as follows,


The event, as the name suggests, is the amalgam of many small individual events grouped together in an intriguing way. Participating teams had to display a medley of skills including acting, art, imagination, co-ordination and a strong base of general knowledge. Each round of the game was designed to test a specific skill and included rounds like charades and ‘Pictionary’. The event was held in two rounds – prelims and finals, conducted by Dr. Anand K.M. (Department of Microbiology, Maleka)


1st – Chhavi Singh, Ishani & Lochan (2nd year)

2nd – Nivedita, Pranjal & Shrabasti (2nd year)

3rd – Elson, Saket &Ananth (3rd year)

Classical singing:-

The fifth day of Hues saw the classroom of sedative lectures filled with taalas and raagas. Five participants exhibited their Indian roots in this immensely moving competition. The event was judged by Dr. Subhraya Bhat (Associate Dean) and Dr. Chetna.


1st – Dikha De (3rd year)

2nd – Janani Rajesh (2nd year)

3rd – Kasturi (Intern)

Quiz – Prelims:-

In what was a battle of wits, the Quiz Prelims saw the teams go head to head furiously against each other. Questions were from a diverse pool, ranging from “Valley of Moon” to those about PayPal. It was truly an amazing sight to see the Dental students take a break from their usual routine and portray their vast general knowledge. The finals for the Quiz is to be held on Friday, 12th February.


Strings soared, drums blazed and keyboards teased at the Instrumentals event of Hues 9.0. Unique performances spontaneously emerged as the participants inspired one another to strive for ever-greater heights. Percussing guitars and on spot improv were some of the varied delights. The event was judged by Dr.Nagaraj, Dr. Swati and Mr. Shashi Kiran.

Winners: To be announced

Fusion group singing:-

It requires great talent to train the human mind to orchestrate various forms of songs all at once. That’s what fusion singing is all about. Day 5 of Hues 9.0 brought to Manipal yet another spectacular event, the fusion group singing. The rapid transition between Devotional, Bollywood and Western music kept the audience on the edge of their seats and waiting for more. The entire amphitheatre reverberated with changing songs and cheers from the crowd. The judge for this event was Mrs. Shobha Kamath.


1st: Final year students of MCODS

2nd: TIPS group

3rd: TIPS group

Western Solo Dance:-

Exuberant dance moves coupled with peppy music, always makes for a spectacle! Armed with unswerving stamina, the dancers displayed flawless execution of the most elegant dance moves.
The event was judged by Dr. Lokendra Gupta (Department of Prosthodontics) and Dr. Madhumitha Natarajan (Department of Orthodontics).


1st – Shagorika
2nd – Mihika
3rd – Prashasti

Eastern Group Singing:-

This event was surely not to be missed as, medleys of Indian songs from different decades were beautifully rendered by groups of singers. The audience swayed to the perfect blends of soulful music and chart-topping Bollywood numbers. One of the performances was a wonderful dedication to the famous artiste Kishore Kumar and had the audience singing along. Dr. Nayana and Dr. Aparna were the judges for this event.


1st – First years

2nd – Balram and group

3rd – Second years

Eastern Group Dance:-

This event made for an evening that would be hard to forget. Team after team set the stage on fire with their lively and graceful moves to hit Bollywood numbers that spanned nearly half a century. The judges for this event were Dr. Deepika and Dr. Shashirashmi. No Eastern classical dance steps were allowed in this event but the artful performances that were full of raw energy left the audience mesmerized.

Winners: To be announced.

Article by:

Soham Mitra

Doorva Devarshi


Vivek Mahapatra

Rohan Basak

Anirudh Gupta

Aishwarya Vishwanath


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