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Aviation has forever been one of mankind’s biggest inventions. Right from the time when the Wright Brothers came up with their greatest gift to humans-giving them the power to fly, to this date, one has noticed the exponential improvements airplanes have made.

IE Aerospace held a three day event, acknowledging the discoveries on XFLR5 and aviation. If you’re the ardent aviation fan, but couldn’t make it for some reason, we have you covered.


The General talk

Aviation, and its development is a matter of great interest. Many men have failed and sacrificed a lot to make aviation the towering industry that it is today. IE-Aerospace and its team presented a general talk on this particular topic at NLH 202, on 29th February and 1st March.

They started with an amazing video of A complete fight, and then continued with one of a pilot giving his test to receive a piloting license. It was undoubtedly a great way to dissolve the dry technicalities and pump up a session which would have otherwise been lackluster.

One thing that they immensely stressed upon was the history of aviation, and how it has shaped everything we have today, right from the comfort to the elegance of flying. From early men to Da Vinci and from the Wright brothers to The Apache Helicopter, each and every contribution is responsible for bringing us to this point. They talked about the technicalities and the failures, and the undying spirit of man that has made it even remotely plausible. The talk had been divided into two parts on the two days: the first concentrating on military aviation, the second on civil aviation. Conducted by 3 speakers, immense knowledge and effort was imparted to the audience, all free of cost.


Qais Akolawala for MTTN


XFLR5 workshop

What one might have least expected while heading towards the Aero & Auto Seminar Hall was a session on coding instead of aerodynamics. However, it was quite the pleasant surprise when the workshop took a turn in favour of all the coding maniacs. This workshop, as arranged by IE Aerospace was an amazing opportunity for all the coding freaks, as well as the ones who take keen interest in aviation.

The club had a two day workshop that discussed the workings of XFLR5 . On the first day basic physics terms such as Lift ,Thrust ,Weight and Drag were discussed. These four are the primary forces in order to keep an object airborne. Each of these terms were elaborately discussed and with inputs on how they are relevant to each other.

On the second day the workshop started with a discussion on the working of XFLR5. XFLR5 is a software which determines the aerodynamic characteristics of planes. It analysis Airfoils(cross section of the wing) and wing at a low Reynolds Number.


However XFLR5 is not the ideal program to use in order to determine the characteristics of an airfoil as it uses idealized equations and not the practical ones. Therefore a much accurate method called Computation Fluid Dymanics (CFD) is used. The discussion of CFD will be done in April during their Tech-week, and anybody who wishes to delve deeper into this concept should not miss it for the world.

The keen enthusiasm with which the speakers presented the workshop added to its excellent content. It was well presented and from what it seemed, the participants enjoyed what they learned.


Nabilah Husain for MTTN

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