Incognito—Cryptography is a Science, Encryption an Art, and Privacy a Myth


“A hacker does for love what others would not do for money.” 


Cryptography, encryption and privacy, these three elements are precisely what Manipal Information Security Team(MIST) has excogitated on to bring you their flagship event—” Incognito.”

Comprising of an enthusiastic group of students whose interest in cybersecurity exceeds the upper echelons of human thought and consciousness—the event’s theme is derived from the belief that privacy on the web is an urban myth. This theme facilitates a myriad of events such as cryptic hunt, ethical hacking and much more, with something for everyone.

Taking place from 2 June, 2021 till 6 June, 2021—mark your calendars and get ready for fun-filled, mind-bending events designed to develop your hacking skills with the opportunity to win exciting cash prizes up to Rs. 6000 awaiting every participant!


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Here is a brief description of the events in Incognito 2021:



As the name suggests, “Faceless” will put you in a hypothetical scenario with a faceless organisation, a resurgent hacker group going by the same name that has used aliases to live among the world. It’s your job to figure out the chain of command.

For the first time ever, MIST presents an Open Source Intelligence(OSINT)-based event. It aims to educate the participants on how frighteningly simple digging up information about a person is—drawing attention to the severe lack of online privacy.

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This is the flagship event for amateur hackers and hacking enthusiasts at Incognito-2021. A fantastic experience awaits every participant to showcase their problem-solving skills. The event itself encapsulates everything fun in cryptography, cryptanalysis, reverse engineering and web exploration. Modelled after the game in our favourite Percy Jackson’, find the suitable flags(Strings in specific formats) and climb up the leaderboard by gaining points and become eligible for exciting prizes!


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Have you exhausted your supply of challenging brain teasers and cryptic puzzles? Then this event is for you! This event will test your logical and technical faculties. Solve puzzles and decode images to find hidden messages either in plain sight or the dark web! Reach the final challenge, and the winner takes all the glory!


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About MIST:

Manipal Information Security Team (MIST) is a group of Information security enthusiasts who aim to educate the college-going youth and help them stay on top of the ever-expanding field of computer science. Their goal is to develop a promising outlook for an approach to the field with proper experience. They offer expertise in different domains related to network security such as cryptography (techniques for secure communication), web development (Building and maintenance of websites), research (Advancements in cybersecurity). Through “capture the flag” (CTF), a competition for security professionals and amateurs alike, cyber awareness (Attitudes and behaviours to protect information assets) and networking (Internet of Things and connected computing) are inculcated. 



Written by  Aditya Arun Iyer for MTTN

Edited by Shirley Asangi for MTTN

Featured Image and Images by Manipal Information Security Team (MIST)


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