Indo-German Convention of Lindau Alumni 2021

Manipal Academy of Higher Education has always kept the needs of the students at the forefront. It serves as a host for several esteemed conferences, colloquiums, and CMEs that benefit the students and help them develop the required skillset to become balanced, all-rounded health care professionals.

The Indo-German Convention of Lindau Alumni is one such event conducted by Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. The convention offers glimpses into the field of healthcare in Germany. Students get to interact with eminent professionals, get motivated and learn in a hands on approach.




IGCLA 2021 kicked off on the morning of September 24th with an engaging first event: the keynote speech given by Dr. David Dance. He began by sharing his vast experience as a clinical microbiologist working in the U.K. and Southeast Asia. Speaking of his ‘40 years as a bug doctor’, his passion for the field was evident and captivating. Dr. Dance moved on to emphasize the importance of finding good mentors and believing in oneself, both in our educational journeys and future careers. He emphasized on the importance of scientific thinking and not being afraid of changing plans. The event concluded with a question and answers session. All queries were met with quick, witty responses, ending the speech with very thoughtful and positive notes.


Enigma, the IGCLA day one workshop conducted by Cutting Edge, was a fascinating and information-packed session. Participants only had one hour to maneuver from one creative puzzle to the next. Multilayered clues took one through the history of pandemics in the form of poems and pictures. Starting with the black plague and traveling through time to the present day covid-19, players also learned about Cholera, Spanish flu, HIV, AIDS, and swine flu pandemics. The virtual mystery room used medical science, history, puns, and pop culture references to stump the contestants, compelling all to use wit and quick thinking. Hats off to the Cutting Edge team for this enjoyable and relevant event.




Over 70 delegates from all over KMC Manipal and Mangalore, and other colleges attended an online workshop on September 25th, 2021, at 2 pm. The ‘Trauma and Life Support’ workshop hosted by efficient doctors elucidated numerous procedures that must be perfected when dealing with life and death situations.

Various speakers spoke on topics like Basics of Trauma Life Support, Spinal Injuries, Injuries of the Extremities, Pelvic Injuries, and Shoulder Injuries. Delegates were taught the methods and reasons for doing each life-saving procedure. From ‘Airway, Breathing and Circulation’ to Triaging and management, delegates were walked through the art of providing care to critical patients.

Throughout the workshop, students engaged in enriching discussion and mindful interrogations. Lastly, the hosts held a Q and A session to offer clarity on topics that the students found most challenging. At the end of the session, one of the delegates remarked, “I am so thankful for this workshop. Our curriculum does not have most of the topics taught here!” Delegates thanked the speakers, and the workshop concluded on a positive note.




On the morning of September 26th, 2021, at 10.30 am, IGCLA, in collaboration with Lancaster University, U.K., presented the delegates with a mind-enriching talk on how to conduct research.

Using her own example on the management of COVID-19, keynote speaker Nancy Preston spoke about the various ways through which a research paper can be formulated. Her team’s research titled ‘Conservative Management of COVID-19 patients’ was published and brought to use during the March 2020 uprising of cases. This was followed by journal publications and the conduction of online seminars. Her research group also carried out a COV-Pall study to provide palliative care to patients suffering at the hands of the pandemic and providing COVID ACP Care Homes.

At the end of the talk, delegates were equipped with exhaustive information on how to start their own research papers through networking, social media, and adapting their own unique style of research methods.


On September 26th, 2021, at 2 pm, IGCLA held an online workshop titled ‘POV of a Cardiologist,’ which focused on educating the delegates about the essential general cardiac conditions faced by a cardiologist. Throughout the conference, more than 50 delegates shared their opinions and asked queries.

Experienced cardiologists from none other than Kasturba Medical College delivered the most practical advice on tackling patients in OPD and during surgery through various case presentations.

Participants had the opportunity to study various topics like Thrombolysis, Heart block, Acute Heart Failure, and many more. The two-hour session ended in delegates being content by the learning process and delighted with the knowledge they received.


The Conference was a great way for students to gain exposure and expand their boundaries. Despite the raging pandemic, the convention was held successfully  and it was a learning experience for everyone involved in the process.


Written by Namitha M and Ksheerja Pandey for MTTN

Edited by Shivangi Acharya for MTTN

Featured Image via IGCLA 2021

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