Lagenda: MMMC’s Legendary Food Fest

On 11th of January, KMC Greens witnessed MMMC’s annual Food Fest, Lagenda. The ground set the mood for the night, being beautifully decorated with lights and banners – and how can one forget the small stalls set up across the ground fulfilling the desire of every Malaysian’s taste buds. Cultural events highlighting the diversity and integrity of different cultures present across the campus made the night a remarkable one.

Since the event was set to start at 7 and end by 10:30pm, students came prepared with their sitting mats and hovered from stall to stall to gather food, sitting with their friends as they relished the spectacular performances that set the stage on fire.

The event was opened by MSAI’s President welcoming the ground. As the Chinese New Year is right around the corner, a famous ritual known as the tossing of ‘Yee Sang’ was performed by students and faculty.This particular event made the audience go ecstatic.

Performances ranging from Fashion Show, Duet Dance, Malay Dance, Group Singing to Lucky Draws after every half an hour kept the audience involved and thoroughly entertained. The crowd erupted with applause as the incoming committee was installed.

How can we not talk about the various food items that graced the menu? – the famous bubble tea, that makes your taste buds go haywire but in a good way, the scrumptious krabby patty, and hot corn dogs that were the perfect ratio of sweet and sour. Conventional “Food Fest” items like Deep Fried Oreos and Mozarella Cheese Sticks were popular choices. Large queues gathered  around stalls selling Panmee, which is a sort of hakka flat noodle soup served alongside with herbal egg. Pokebowl,  a dish with vegetable base sold along with rice was appreciated by everyone.

The night ended with an open stage playing songs that compelled everyone in the audience move with the beats. It was a night filled with flavor and cultural festivities that made every Malay feel like they were home, far away from home.

– Written by Asma Abidin

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