Linquiztics’21 : What To Expect

Do you have a treasure chest filled with movie trivia? People still messing between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ still irks you? Is your pun game strong? Got so much random knowledge about stuff and don’t know what to do? Worry not because there is a platform for you to flex your quirky knowledge and win exciting prizes.

Since, we often feel the need to showcase such formulated opinions, thoughts, or actions. Hence, we look for opportunities for our voices to be heard and make an impact. 

LDQ, Manipal’s Literary, Debate and Quiz Society, has brought an exciting opportunity for the same. They have continually hosted enlightening discussions, activities and events. Not sticking to one domain, the Society functions as a unit to serve the betterment of any individual who partakes in the activities organised by them. 

Linquiztics is an original competition, aimed to challenge the most adaptive minds and their general intellect. It hosts multiple events, which directly challenge the participants’ thinking capacity and inspires them to leave their mark.

If you have always been fascinated by the classics such as The Matrix, Marvel, other Sci-Fi Fantasies and Comic storylines, you ought to be delighted for a Quiz on them! There certainly exist die-hard fans of these series, and this is your time to prove to everyone that you’re truly a ‘nerd’ when it boils down to them. If you’re willing to test your knowledge and even challenge others—participate in the Nerd Culture Quiz, an open-to-all event for those who follow Fictional and Fantastic stories. You may participate alone or in a team of two for the Prelims at 11 a.m. on 2nd October. Finals will be held the same day at 3:30 p.m.

Do you have any interest in modern, popular, and relevant knowledge in the fields of Science, Business and Technology? Do you keep yourself up-to-date with the most popular advancements, significant discoveries and follow prominent business professionals? If the answer is “Yes”, the SciBizTech Quiz will undoubtedly help expand your knowledge. This event is open to all Undergraduate Students, and participants can participate alone or in teams of two. It’s time to brush up on all the information out there, as the Prelims will be held on 1st October—7p.m. onwards! Finals will be held at the same time on 4th October.

One of the classic events hosted by LDQ is Potpourri, spicing up your vocabulary with logical and analytical puzzles and games. Participants are required to solve anagrams, crosswords, and push their Grammar to the edge to obtain the correct answer. If you’ve ever been keen on testing the limits of your vocabulary, this event will be a mind-bender! It is open-to-all and a golden chance to prove your hold on the English Language. Participants can come in teams of two. Start polishing your skills from today, as it’ll be a challenging ride at 8:30 p.m. on 1st October. Finals will be held at 7:30 p.m. the next day.

The classic test for Creativity—the Creative Writing event releases prompts in two rounds for the participants; they have to write engaging stories on each. Have you ever tested your mind in a creative setting? If yes, you know that the possibilities are endless. There’s no reality, factual accuracy, or ubiquitous aspects that bind you. It involves the universe that exists solely in your mind, exceeding all boundaries of imagination. So, gear up for this individual, open-to-all event, beginning at 12 noon on 2nd October. The final round’s deadline is 12 a.m. on 5th October.

Just A Minute, or JAM, is another one of the classics hosted by LDQ, testing the participants’ wit and quick-thinking skills. There is a panel of 6-8 participants, each given a prompt to elaborate on for a minute, while others have to mock or criticise the same. It is a constantly engaging event, with many instances of wordplay, and portrays lively humour. Do you ever want to test your wit publicly, with the opportunity to score fellow participants? JAM provides you with this opportunity in the most fun way! Get ready for this individual, open-to-all event on October 2. Finals will be held the next day.

The Music, Entertainment, Literature, Art, and Sports (MELAS) Quiz is an event covering various domains that are bound to interest everyone. From jazz music to serious literature, it covers all topics. This one is an excellent opportunity to get your knowledge tested on the information you consume sitting on your couch! You will certainly know an answer or two, as the event includes common topics you can’t possibly skip in daily life. It is open-to-all, and participants can participate alone in a Team of two. The whole event will be hosted on 3rd October.

Do you want a more generic Quiz, defining no specific boundaries? The General Quiz is for you! As the name suggests, it consists of all topics under the Sun and tests you on the same. The event will be held on October 3, is open-to-all, and participants can partake either alone or in teams of two. Finals will be held on 5th October.

Starting on 1st October and going up to 5th October, Linquiztics brings you numerous opportunities, which are bound to broaden your thinking skills. So, sign up for the events here; at least one is bound to catch your interest!


Written by Parva Mehrotra for MTTN
Edited by Avaneesh M for MTTN
Featured image from LDQ Manipal

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