Manipal: A World Apart

As Manipal experiences its third day in Qainaat, we, at MTTN, could not help but wonder– what does make our world apart?

We went around, asking students (in an admittedly awkward manner) what they would change to make this world their own ‘world apart’. The answers we got are certainly worthy of being sent in for various studies…or startup ideas.


1. It’s an Anime-zing world!

We live in a world with far too many practicalities and laws of physics. Ishriit wants the madness and energy of the anime world to spill into ours. Which anime, you ask? Well, he didn’t feel like picking out particulars, so he went ahead with ALL OF THEM!

Think about it. Ninjas of all ranks replacing the police, Pokemon as pets, WGSHA essentially becoming a battle arena for crazy cookoffs, or athletes making gravity look as if it was proposed by a preschooler, you name it. Goodbye normalcy, hello shorter life expectancy (there’s gonna be a lot of swords flying around, just saying).



2. Mr Worldwide

Armaan wants only one thing in this world – to be able to become a citizen of every country in the world.  Imagine a world where you don’t have to stand in a line for four hours just to attend the wedding of a distant relative in the US, or where you can plan a trip to Spain right after watching ZNMD. With no visa to get, the world really is in your backyard.


3.Girish of the Jungle

Most people were prevented from climbing trees by their parents as children. Akshat wishes to be in a world where everyone lives in trees.  Wake up, say hello to your pet gorilla, jump to your tree with class, and meet your friends in the local cafetree-ia. Be at home with creatures of the sky as well as beings of the ground.


4. Is this Manipal or a Coldplay concert?

If the world was a neon version of itself – Gautham would be one happy boy. Simply put, the recipe for the ideal world is already there – a Coldplay concert! To see the world in dark, with neon colours of yellow, blue and red would definitely make this a world apart, but this begs the question – with every bad sessional paper, will the neon lights cause teardrops like waterfalls, or will they fix you?


5.Blueberry Milk

Utkarsh would absolutely love it if all the cows in the world were blue. They have to be on green grass, of course, because it just doesn’t make sense otherwise. So will our mornings be welcomed by blue milk, or will we turn blue after a sip? 

6Ban Chlorophyll- Wait, What?

Oh, we see what you did there, Nidhi Rao. She couldn’t leave her friend’s blue cows live in peace (or her friend for that matter), so she decided that she wants to ban CHLOROPHYLL. It would essentially mean that plants won’t be able to produce oxygen and we would eventually die, but hey, at least Utkarsh and his cows don’t know what to do anymore.

7. The floor is lava! No, we really mean it.

Remember when you would just yell out, “THE FLOOR IS LAVAAAAA”, and you and your sibling jumped on to the nearest furniture? What if saying that actually turned your living room into a pool of bubbling lava? The loser would have severe consequences, or at least, severe burns. You can thank Tanya for this idea.

8. Cavemania 

Sanjay suggested being hurled back to cave times. Although, we are really curious as to why he feels that’ll make the world more of his. Nevertheless, the survival of the fittest would become a literal thing. All civilization would be pushed aside, people will abandon institutions (yes, even college) and go haywire. Fights in the streets, animal skins for clothing, hunting for survival. Comforting, right?

9. Get my own Hogwarts acceptance letter. 

Yes. We want it too, Gayatri. You said it.


10.  To look or to disappear?

Ever had that one person in the group who starts talking about politics out of the blue? Do you also have this one person who makes you cringe three times over each time they open their mouth? Well, Manan has the solution for you. One look and the person disappears. Where? Well, you don’t really care, do you?


Written by Rithik Talwar, Sudharshan Sivakumar and Aarohi Sarma for MTTN 

Interviewed  by Rithik Talwar, Sudharshan Sivakumar, Tanya Jain and Noel Pereira for MTTN



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