Manipal Marathon Is Around The Corner

Manipal Marathon 2020 – ‘Let Your Legacy Run Beyond You’,  powered by ICICI Bank, an annual marathon in the education hub of Manipal, completes four years in 2020. Commencing in 2017, with people running not only to get fitter and stronger but also to raise awareness about stroke. Over the years the marathon has been transformed, with the themes of 2018 and 2019 run being about ‘drug abuse’ and ‘mental health’, respectively. The fourth chapter of the Manipal Marathon will be held on 9th February 2020 with the main theme of ‘organ donation’. The total cash prize is worth 12 lakhs!

This marathon is a student-led event, organized by Manipal Runners’ Club. It provides an excellent platform for talented students to showcase their abilities and to inculcate the habit of running and staying fit for the beginners. The start point of the event is in front of the EDU building.The main marathon includes the following events:

  1. Full Marathon (42.195 km)
  2. Half Marathon (21.098 km)
  3. 10K timed
  4. 5K timed
  5. 3K Fun Run

A promo run was held before the main event on 17th January. The promo run included a 4K run.

To ensure that the people running the distance can accomplish their timing goals, there will be pacers running with them. The pacers are basically runners who will run a particular distance in a pre-decided time. There will be aid stations along the route which will provide water, electrolytes, energy drinks, fruits, ice, pain-relieving spray and any other necessities required to the participants. Also, there will be medical stations, in addition to ambulances on the route. The participants will be provided with a running number bib with an inbuilt electronic timing chip, a race T-shirt, a finisher’s medal, a printable finisher certificate, some great photos, and a breakfast. The scenic route is another incentive to gear up for the marathon.

Along with the marathon, Carnival de Manipal is another exciting event the participants rejoice. Carnival de Manipal is a jovial event held by VSO (Volunteer Services Organisation) in KMC Greens, after the race. The carnival is going to be jungle-themed to raise awareness about the recent Australian wildfires, with a lot of games, food stalls and photobooths to accompany the fun and frolic.

The annual marathon is an event all Manipalites look forward to. While the countdown has begun and the clock is ticking, the D-day has arrived at our doorsteps.  MTTN wishes the participants all the very best. We’ll see you all at the starting line of the track on 9th February.

-Written by Aakansha Mantri

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