Mehmaan Nawaazi: An Interview with Outstation Management

On the second day of TechTatva, while Coordinators, Organisers and Category heads were rushing around, MTTN sat down with the people behind the Outstation Management team in a small office room inside Innovation Centre. The team claimed to have temporarily annexed the room and the coffee machine that came with it. The team consisted of Abhinav Jain, Sohil Sharma, Akshar Pandey, Chandramouli Mukherjee, Ashwyn, Rahul Dalmia and Vibha Nayak. A few questions were asked and a few laughs shared.

MTTN :  Why did all of you choose to be a part of the Outstation Management team?

OM team : This category connects us with everyone in the fest. We remain in constant touch with all other categories. Networking is another benefit of working for this category.

We were here for the previous two fests as well, the fun of meeting new people from different colleges is what keeps us attached to this category.

MTTN : Tell us about this year’s outstation participation.

OM team : This year’s TechTatva isn’t the best that we have seen when it comes to student participation. Outstation Participation defines how popular a college is, though Revels has always had an amazing appeal the outstation participation for our Technical fest is on a gradual rise.

We also made sure that all the colleges within Manipal were personally invited.

MTTN : When did your work start?

OM : We started our work before the summer break. Our main objective during the break was to make a database of engineering colleges and sending out invitations. We had the pleasure of working with a very good team. Work was done promptly and without issues. The volunteers were very helpful and took an active part in making things work smoothly.

MTTN: What is the toughest part of your work in this category?

OM: Calling up all the engineering colleges which would be interested in our fest is probably the toughest job. Often it happens that people in student bodies of colleges change and we had to compile a new database every year.

MTTN : Was social media an important part of your operation ?

OM : Yeah, Social Media was an integral part of our work. Contacting other colleges through social media has been very efficient.

MTTN : Do you like how we are covering the fest?

OM : You guys are doing a great job. The quality control you maintain is amazing. The line ‘we are Manipal’ is really heart warming, and you guys are staying true to it.
As said to Pranav Parashar for MTTN

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