MMMC Blood donation drive

Humans owe the grandeur of their existence to the courtesy of how the society has flourished till date. Sure,it has it’s drawbacks but it is the root cause that has made us grow and progress as a species. One of the best ways to give back to society is thus by charitable acts.

Melaka Manipal Medical College conducted a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ on 7th April 2018, through which it provided the students, faculty and staff an opportunity to  be part of one of the most noble forms of charity.

The camp was organized as part of the biannual blood donation and awareness campaign by the student council of MMMC. Although the event has been part of their routine since a very long time now, starting this year, the council has started to reach out to other colleges and student clubs in the University.

The efforts of the students of MMMC made this event successful.

The event, which was planned on a small scale and put together in a short time period of time, had a relatively huge turnout. Close to a hundred pints of blood was collected from a diverse group of donors consisting of security staff, students, academic staff, and faculty.

The council has promised to promote many such blood donation drives in the future, the very next one scheduled six months from now. An online survey was conducted on the donors regarding the knowledge, attitude and practice of blood donation. The donors were also educated about the benefits of blood donation and asked to spread their knowledge and experience.


With the advent of technology, the world of science has been successful in busting many deep rooted myths. But the myths of alleged health problems plaguing blood donation still persist in a majority of the population. Even in the minds that are free from such beliefs the pandemic of laziness has created a major hurdle to the health care system. No man must be left fighting death for the dearth of ‘blood’, a commodity so ubiquitous yet so precious. It is time we stop hoarding the gold in our veins and start investing it in the crowd funded venture we call Life.

Written by- 

Vinay Reddy


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