New in Town: Belgian Waffles Co.

Apart from being the setting for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and their fancy glassware, the only other reason most of us know about Belgium is for their waffles. Having taken the country by storm in the past couple of years, Belgian Waffles Co. has now opened its doors in Manipal.

We recently ventured out for a cheat-day meal and found that this new waffle establishment has in it, the right combination of sugar and style. As your tongue digs into the crunchy waffles, the chocolate bursting into your mouth shoots adrenaline up the spine and makes your eyes gleam with joy.

Set in calm yellow and ivory coloured brick tiles, the café lies opposite the KMC Emergency just a few hops from Bharat Cinemas. The hustle of the highway, however, is calmed down by the soothing music.

Their waffles range from authentic honey and Nutella flavours to those stuffed with vanilla ice cream and Oreos. Beware of the latter for you’ll have to adjust stuffing those irresistible bites in one go. The elegant seating areas and charming wall pictures tickle your mind while the enchanting sweet sauces trickle down your throat.

There’s something to please the taste buds of all kinds of waffle enthusiasts. If Triple Chocolate doesn’t excite you due to its richness in cocoa, the finer Blueberry Creamcheese should get you hooked to this Belgian delicacy. It is cooked to perfection, subtly balancing the crispness while melting in your mouth as you dig into the waffle. You can also get creative and customise your serving choosing from a range of toppings, cream, nuts and extra fillings.

Not the cheapest café in town but definitely worth every penny you spend in devouring this waff-wich.

Reviewed by Vinay Reddy and Abhishek Mishra for MTTN.

Photos by Denisha Ved.

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