New in Town: Ribbons and Balloons

Here’s a piece of good news to all those with a sweet tooth, Manipal now houses an outlet of Ribbons and Balloons, a leading confectionary brand spread across Mumbai, Pune and Mangaluru. What sets Ribbons and Balloons apart from rest of the bakeries is its striking location and proximity to the happening spots in town. Snuggled in the Manipal Commercial Complex, it serves as an easily accessible spot to cater to your cravings when you don’t want to move around a lot.

Once you step inside, you’re welcomed by the sweet waft of freshly baked goodies that are displayed behind a glass encasing. The shop offers everything from birthday cakes to puffs and sandwiches, brownies to milkshakes and so much more. The interiors are painted with a subtle brown, giving a calming and vintage look to the establishment. Climbing up a storey, there’s a dining space where you can savour your cakes and pastries in peace.

If you’re a chocolate lover, then the mouth-watering rich dark truffle is worth it. The brownies were baked at the right temperature giving them the perfect soft core and a crunchy exterior. The Black and White forest pastries though don’t offer much of a difference apart from the shavings, will aptly remind you of the classic flavour of pastries. The Kiwi Mousse along with a layer of Kiwi Jelly offered a tangy flavour to the entire dish, though we would have preferred it came with the real fruit. The most anticipated lava cake was a tad bit disappointing due to the absence of any chocolate lava.


What’s interesting to note is that the savouries in the bakery out do the confectionaries. The Chicken Bhatti, Chicken Khilma and Chicken Lajawab were truly lajawab and were in the perfect ratio of chicken, bread and sauce. Their vegetarian counterparts Chilli Milli, Mushroom Mutter and Shabnami were also tantalising to the taste buds. Especially at a price point of just 15 bucks, it’s really hard to beat these snacks across taste, quantity and value for money.

In conclusion, Ribbons and Balloons is worth your money. It’s definitely a must visit for all the desert-loving people out there. We wish Ribbons and Balloons all the very best in this new adventure they’ve embarked on.

Written and Reviewed by Suhita R for MTTN.

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