Ode To Invictus

When dawn donned the day’s sky
A crowd arose brimming with cheer and joy.
A torch was lit with their talent as the wick,
Inviting Invictus to town for a week.

Here: minds interact in the halls of knowledge,
Play it hard for the arena to acknowledge.
Reviving and revving up the spirit of their college,
Beat drops, drum rolls; it’s a radiant rampage!

A chance for our medics to blow off some steam,
Uniting their Verve, now that they’re all one team.
Celebrating their claims in this season of thrones
Avenging the time lost to academic titans!

Just A Minute’s enough to tickle your mind,
A Potpourri of puzzles to catch you in a bind.
Swimming in the depths of a pool so poetic
Kindling the soul to remain eclectic.

We’ll capture your moments of strife and pride,
Our lens will guide you through the ride.
Three cheers for the council making Manipal dazzle,
A salute to the MIS, missus and mister for our mess they tackle.

Come to Greens and our people will wean
you, off the debacles of daily disdain.
The costumes will stun, there’s the promise of fun,
But don’t be late, for the games have begun!

-By Vinay Reddy and Niharika Dixith 

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