OT: Euphoria

The Department of Occupational Therapy, SOAHS, conducted their annual fest, Euphoria, at KMC Greens, on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October.

It was inaugurated by the Pro Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences, Dean of SOAHS, and the Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy, on the evening of 27th October.

The purpose of the fest was three-fold; to raise awareness about occupational therapy and how the field has helped countless patients overcome their hurdles, to raise some money, and, of course, to raise the spirits of everyone who participated in the fest. “Fun with Occupations”- as the posters proclaimed, was the main idea behind it.

Several interesting activities were arranged. Street plays were enacted in both English and Kannada. Zumba sessions were held on all three days, along with outdoor sports like cricket, lagori, frisbee, badminton and bucketball. Hopscotch, tug of war, crutch and wheelchair races were quite fun to witness or take part in. Indoor games like ludo and carrom were also played.

Activities connected to creative pursuits like painting, photography, paper quilling and doodling were arranged in stalls, with volunteers teaching the visitors a few tricks of each trade. There was a stall dedicated to reverse-crossword puzzles and Sudoku, and another in which visitors were taught a few sentences of a chosen foreign language.

Channa manne, a traditional game played using tamarind seeds and a board was a major attraction. Peepal seeds encased in a thick layer of manured soil, called seedballs, were given away for free. Beautiful handicraft items made by residents of Asare, home for the mentally challenged, were set up for sale. Brownies, vanilla cakes, and pakodas prepared by residents of Hombelaku, also on sale, vanished as fast as they appeared in the stall.

Visitors were shown special contraptions that were custom-made for those with physical disabilities, and told heart-warming stories about people who managed to conquer their limitations and live a full life, free to do whatever they wished to accomplish. Occupational therapy deals extensively with the rehabilitation of patients with difficulties that hamper normal living, and listening to such success stories was inspirational indeed.

To conclude, Euphoria was three days’ worth of fun, fundraising, and raising awareness about occupational therapy and its immense impact on people’s lives. We thank the Department of Occupational Therapy for sharing their celebration with Manipal.

– Written by Niharika Dixith

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