Pind Punjabi: Conspiring A Paratha Phenomenon

 Living in a cosmopolitan town with all its messes and canteens, hundreds of kilometres away from home becomes surprisingly monotonous. And with the advent of the wicked exam season, life just feels like a cumbersome curse. But the knight in the shining armour or rather the knights who help Manipalites live through these difficult times are the plentiful eateries off campus that keep one going.
One of the latest additions to this is, ‘Pind Punjabi’ which is situated in the Manipal Commercial Complex, opposite Kasturba Hospital’s Emergency Department. The place is the one-stop destination for all your Paratha cravings.

The aroma of desi ghee hovering over the parathas being made in the kitchen tickles your taste buds as you walk in. Vivid and bright interiors, the humble setting and it’s interactive customer service add a sense of warmth to the whole eating experience. As the co-founder and our host, Mr Arpit Gupta explained the motto of Pind Punjabi has always been ‘healthy-affordable-homely’ food with no compromise in quality.
The restaurant serves a range of Parathas from the classic Aloo to innovations like the Dry fruit paratha. Each paratha is served with butter, homemade curd, pickle and a cube of jaggery, reflecting a daily meal in a typical Punjabi household. Add-ons like paneer and cheese are very popular. The feeling of strands of cheese separate like satin and melt in your mouth feels like tasting divinity.
They serve a range of mouthwatering desi drinks like Lassi, buttermilk and Thandai to name a few. All of this and more at one of the most pocket-friendly prices in Manipal.
The founder Mr Arpit Gupta is an alumnus of MIT which makes him reminisce the student life of Manipal. When asked about his inspiration he said that he derived it from his troubles as a student in this area. He also gave a gist of his daily routine and how he handpicks each ingredient that goes in the food. He has personally curated each item on the menu including soft drinks, oil and maida based items away from his kitchen. His aim was to build an empathetic relationship with the customers, learn through the process and touch the soul of the foodie in them.
Manipal is both an incubation and an experiment for the eatery which has set many goals regarding expansion. Their ardent efforts reflect in the quality of their service and the ample love that it has been receiving from the student fraternity so far.
So put on your paratha pants and head to this Pind for a party to your palate- Punjabi style!
Reviewed by Vinay Reddy and Sarthak Bhardwaj
Photographs by Bhanu Srinivas Munagala 

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