Pre-Revels ’18: Psychus and Animation

Speed Memory Workshop

Don’t just see; observe. Sherlock Holmes is a pop culture icon we all idealise for his fantastic recollection skills and eidetic capabilities. The speed memory workshop conducted under the category ‘Psychus’ on the 23rd of February was an attempt to enable participants to enhance their powers of observation to aid in daily life. A surprisingly low turnout didn’t deter the organisers’ enthusiasm from putting up an engaging show for the select few who strived to learn more.

The workshop began with a demonstration by Avni Jaiswal on how one could remember a list of 10 things in order, and could distinctly point out at which place each item was placed. She later went on to reveal her trade secrets; not something a lot of artists would do! What followed was a structured presentation on various memory techniques including the number system, alphabet system, linking system and facial recognition system. Each memory system was followed by a quick test of the euphoric audience, and surprisingly many of them could now employ these techniques and display a sharper memory. The organisers are excited to welcome the participants to their various events at the magnanimous Revels’18 and hope this workshop served as an appropriate introduction to the exciting and fun competitions that lie ahead. 

The Animation Workshop

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.”- Norman Mclaren

On 24th February, a workshop on animation was held in NLH 403, MIT. The workshop was hosted by an award-winning, Mangalore based animator Mr. Srinidhi Rao, from AUM Animation Studios Pvt Ltd. He presented the workshop to a crowd of around sixty enthusiastic students. Of the entire spirited bunch, there were only three students pursuing the BSc. Animation course offered by the School of Communication, Manipal.

The workshop began with a few promotional videos on Andy and Pirki, a collaboration between AUM studios and the Pogo TV channel. A video on the technicalities which go behind in creating a single shot, followed. The students were also shown the different applications used to make sketches. After a rather short session on the know-how of animation and its nuances, there was a question and answer round. Mr Rao answered all the enquiries with precision and spoke about the importance of storyboard and colour scripts. This workshop compared animators to artisans who come together to weave magic in the form of art— a true blend of their talent and effort.

“Animation is something which appeals to a very limited group of people. So, the idea was to bring the world of animation to the students here and provide them with a platform to know and learn about it”, said organiser and member of Manga and Anime club, Pranav Devati.

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