Qalam 2020

Stories and literature play an important role in our lives. You’ll find them no matter where you look, whether it is within ourselves or in our surroundings.

Qalam: Mightier Than The Sword is an inter-collegiate literary fest organised by the Editorial Council of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and took place from January 22nd to 25th.


The third edition of Qalam was a celebration of literary prowess where participants showcased their various skills. Over 100 people participated in the events held, which were Spell Bee, Story Writing, Presidential Debate, Slam Poetry, and Story Book Quiz. Whether you are someone with impeccable memory or someone whose imagination runs wild, Qalam provided an opportunity to showcase it all.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by the chief guest Dr N Udupa, Directorate of Research, Health Science Campus, after which the multiple competitions began. The first one was Story Book Quiz, where participants were tested on their vast knowledge of books. From questions about teenage fiction to the classics, this quiz had it all. The audience was at the edge of their seats, watching the participants trying to answer all the questions correctly before the seconds ran out.

The Spell Bee tested the memory and linguistic skills of the participants, and Story Writing saw them let their creativity flow as they wrote about the given prompts. The most engrossing and informative event was the Presidential Debate, where everyone passionately argued and debated about topics related to current events, such as internet shutdowns and whether banning vaping is beneficial to public health. The finals saw three teams discuss the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which saw a fierce battle about whether it was affecting the secular fabric of India, similar to the political scenario in our country right now.

Qalam concluded with the valedictory function, where the chief guest was Dr. Neeta Inamdar, Editor of Manipal Universal Press, who distributed the prizes to all the winners, followed by the much-awaited Slam Poetry. The event was beautiful and captivating, with the soft lights in the background and the poetry resonating with the audience. Participants took the stage to express their feelings, leaving the room filled with laughter one second and tears the next.

Qalam 2020 was four days of celebrating literature, leaving an impact that lasts a lifetime.

-Written by Sriya Peri

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