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The blissful feeling you get after handing in your last paper of the end semester exams tags along with you on the journey home. It lingers as you wake up late in the mornings and abuse your PlayStation. Then results arrive and the feeling is violently killed because you’ve failed an exam or two and now have to travel back to Manipal – a place you weren’t hoping to see quite so soon. Makeup exams. Only few other two-word combinations can sound so dreadful.

Well, now that you’ve accepted your fate, cancelled your old tickets and booked your new ones, you need to register for the subjects you have an F (grade) about.

Important Dates:

Revaluation Deadline
Last day to apply for revaluation of ‘F’ grade subjects 10th December 2018
Paper seeing (Reval) of F grade subjects 12th December 2018
Revaluation Results 17th December 2018
Last day to apply for makeup exam  18th December 2018
Makeup exams start  22nd December 2018
Makeup exams end                                                                                                           2nd January 2018 
Makeup examination Results   8th January 2018
Makeup Revaluation
Last day to apply for revaluation of ‘F’ & non-‘F’ grade Makeup subjects 10th January 2018
Paper seeing of F grade makeup subjects 12th January 2018
Makeup Revaluation Results 18th January 2018
Commencement of classes 3rd January

Paper Seeing Details

For B.Tech first years:

Day & Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Time: 2.00 to 4.00 PM

Venue: CCF Lab, 3rd Floor Innovation Center (AB-4)

For B.Tech Higher Semesters and PG:

Day & Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Time: 2.30 to 4.30 PM

Venue: Respective department (which the subject belongs to)

How to apply for Revaluation (Paper Seeing) for ‘F’ Grade Subjects/ Makeup Exam

  1. Login to SLcM Student Portal
  2. Click on Academic Details – Grade Sheet
  3. Select ‘Revaluation 1’ tab/ ‘Makeup exam’ tab
  4. Select the particular semester
  5. Select the particular subject
  6. Click on ‘Apply’
  7. Click on ‘Payment’
  8. Select payment option and make the payment.

Remember, the last date to apply for the makeup exams is 18th December, 2018.

Points to Note for Revaluation (Paper Seeing) of ‘F’ Grade Subjects

  • Revaluation of the answer scripts will be done for all the subjects applied for revaluation irrespective of whether the student has reported for paper seeing.
  • The scheme of evaluation will be shown to the student along with the answer script during paper seeing.
  • Only the student is allowed to see the paper during paper seeing. The students are requested to come with the Institute/University issued Identity Card during the paper seeing.
  • If in case the student is present during paper seeing, the remarks given by the student will be looked into and the revaluation will be done by the second faculty on the basis of the scheme of evaluation.
  • If you have applied for revaluation for any subject, then you can wait till the revaluation results before applying for the makeup exam.
  • Please note that Lab subjects cannot be re-evaluated because it runs on the principle that marks are allotted by observing the experiment or results of a program which cannot be re-done.

Points to Note for Payment

  • If the payment is made but if it is not reflecting in the portal, then kindly wait for 2 to 3 hours before you make the payment once again.
  • In such cases (if the payment is made twice), then kindly approach the academic section with the payment details of both the transactions, and apply for refund for one of the transactions.

To get to SLcM login page, click here.

All the best, guys!

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  1. The earlier version of the notice also mentioned that the DD for the makeup should be drawn in favor of “DIRECTOR MIT MANIPAL” as against the new version of the notice which says it should be in favour of “MANIPAL UNIVERSITY”.

    Hope both are ok ?

  2. Thanks for the update about online payment of make-up fees. Saved me from going to the bank in this heat. Just one doubt in the fee kart section we have to select exam fee as option as i cannot see any specific option for make-up fees?

  3. I have lost my hall ticket for the end sem after the exam. Will I need it for make up exam? Please reply, thanks! If it is needed, how do I get another one?

    1. No it will not be needed. They will issue you a fresh one and you will have to take it anytime before the exam from academic section ab1

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