Revels’18 Day 1



NLH 204, 4PM- 5:30PM

As part of the initial round of this fascinating event, the participants’ reasoning and awareness were put to the test in a grinding 90 minute written quiz. Those with the best answers will be fortunate enough to witness the next round; “an exciting and unique surprise” in the words of the category heads; which will test both the memory and the multitasking talents of the participants.


NLH 405, 4PM- 5:30PM

One of the most unique and interesting events organised under the category Psychus, it aims to test the observation skills of the participants by letting them solve a murder mystery based on investigation videos and a synopsis of the sequence events. The first day consisted of a written round which ranged across IQ questions and a situation test, judging the participants on the basis of their abilities to detect lies and uncover a homicide.

What to expect tomorrow: Day 2 shall witness participants being put to the test under ‘minigames’. The capabilities of theatricality and deception will yet again enable them to proceed to further rounds.


NLH 405, 6PM- 7:30PM

Treacherous Ties requires you to have quick thinking and judgement skills. In this event, you’re supposed to figure out who of the other participants killed a member of your family. Round One tests your EQ/IQ and based on this; you’re put into groups for Round 2. The IQ is the cutoff for the next round, whereas the EQ decides which group you’re placed in. Day 1 had around 50 participants.

What to expect tomorrow: In Round 2 of Treacherous Ties, the newly divided groups will have time to prepare a set of three questions to figure out who the murder is, based on the other’s body language and their answers when negotiated. From this, one group advances to Round 3.



NLH 102, 1PM- 4PM

This on-the-spot photography event is a theme-based competition and tests your knowledge of the camera, the essential tool in visual imagery. Day One of ‘Know Your Camera’ kicked off in which the theme was revealed to the participants. They have been given one day to accomplish their objective. The following day would reveal the ones that have proceeded to the next round.


NLH 102, 1PM- 4PM
Participants gathered in decent numbers to register for Product Shoot. The participants were given objects by the organizers for the same. Criteria for judgement was declared to be the composition and standing beauty of said object shots. Day 2 of the competition will witness the showcasing of the participants’ work.


MV Seminar Hall, 5 PM – 7 PM

From love, money, drugs and other fantasies, this short film competition showcased a wide variety of filmography from budding filmmakers as they find a path to greatness and serve justice to the people that kindle their flame. Judged on the basis of scripting, shooting, editing and directing, the films are evaluated by a panel of really talented individuals in this esteemed world.



NLH 304, 2PM– 5PM

The classic Oxford styled debate competition had teams of two, each supposed to show conflicting views about the revealed motion. The ‘For and Against’ predicament is a long-time favourite among debaters. Each member of a team was allowed to speak for four minutes, and awarded full marks if not faced by any rebuttals from the opposition. The preliminary round started with a great turnout, and the organisers expect a war of wits to remember.


NLH 303, 1PM- 3PM

One of the most sought after events for those who quietly like to rack their brains in a room amidst pompous celebrations; the SPorts and ENTertainment Quiz saw encouraging participation from teams across all colleges in Manipal and the southern part of the country. Despite a delayed start of nearly an hour to accommodate all participants, the organisers conducted the quiz with great enthusiasm dropping subtle hints to the tricky questions and watching with content the teams pounce on the easier ones. The written prelims were followed by an onstage final with the team from KMC ending up on top.

What to expect tomorrow? If you have what it takes to be the hunting wolf of the pack, participate in the lone wolf quiz tomorrow, an event which will test your mettle in the roughest of seas.



NLH 402, 1PM- 3:30PM

After a detailed introduction to JustAMinute and a brief period of conundrum, Paradigm Shift was ready to spiral the room into a sense of hurried tizzy. Rapid banging of hands on the table, confused stutters of defence, stammers of ‘time wasting’ objections and hurried streams of words stumbling over one another just to fill sixty seconds, but barely going over ten followed. Entertaining topics were humorously discussed, like pink pajamas in the Red Fort and the elevator industry going through ups and downs, the time constraint bringing in a whole new angle to it, making it difficult for the moderator, faculty Sridhar Gupta. Six panels were held today, and one or two of the top jammers from each panel will advance to the finals which will be held tomorrow. The organisers are satisfied to see people laughing and having fun in the throws of narrative pressure.


NLH 402, 3:30PM- 5PM

The first round of this event was designed to test the contestant’s ability to present a report in a satirical manner. The participants were given two prompts from which they were asked to select one and write a humorous report in one hour.
“It was a fun and different experience. Unlike the traditional creative writing competitions, the prompts provided were more interesting and gave us a chance to explore our imaginative side”, said Pujan Parikh, one of the participants.
The subsequent two rounds of the event will be based on field reporting and a fake press conference.



As the sun sank lower into the cloudy sky on the first day of the fest, the lawn behind the Innovation Center proved to be the perfect setting for spoken poetry to float over the food trucks and out into the world. This is the first time it was being held outdoors, and it ultimately proved to be the better decision. Starting with fifteen participants, on taking in the enthusiastically accepting audience, the event finally saw 26 participants. Organizer Vibhuti says that this is the first time both Hindi and English poetry shared the same stage, providing the optimum platform for people to simply share their thoughts, even if it may not be in the expected slam format.



NLH 105, 1PM- 2PM

Calling all the all-rounders, Mr.&Ms. Revels is an event specifically for those who shine both inside and out. Manipal’s own pageant, Round 1 took place in two slots. It consisted of a simple IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) test, that lasted for an hour. Based on answers, ten participants will be chosen for the next round. Judging criteria involves personality, wit and general aptitude.

In Round 2, we shall witness a rapid-fire quiz, a group discussion, and a question-answer session conducted by the judges. Stay tuned to find out who will be crowned, this Revels’18.


NLH 204, 1PM- 2PM

This business and finance related event was hosted with a basic objective to know ‘how to step up the corporate ladder.’ It’s a three round event, where the first round was a simple pen and paper screening test which had few aptitude and business related questions to get an idea of how well the teams know about business and its condition around the globe. The first round saw a good number of participation of almost 30 enthusiastic teams. Adding to that Kalyan, event head said, “I’m more than happy with the turn up in the first slot and expect the same in the second slot as well.”

For the second round, you can expect presentations by the teams qualifying the first round followed by a group discussion in the presence of judges.


NLH 204, 2:30-3:30

EQ-IQ’s most popular event, Spy Glass, kicked off with a bang. The event, which witnessed a houseful turnout, consists of two rounds. The first round conducted over three rounds due to its immense popularity comprises 15 mysteries which must be solved within an hour. The second round is a treasure hunt composed of ten clues hidden in ten different locations. At the end of these clues, the winning team would’ve caught the murderer.
What to expect tomorrow?
The final slot of Round 1 will be held in NLH tomorrow followed by the declaration of the team’s going onward.




Indian Classical music is a complex and intricate genre; it can make a person experience various emotions.

Swara, Crescendo’s Indian classical music event, held at MV seminar hall at 3:00 pm brought local tunes to life.The judging panel comprised of Professor Vishnu Sharma and Mrs.Ramya.After a brief explanation of all the rules, the hall resonated with beautiful, soulful voices as each participant graced the stage with their performances.



Day 1 of Revels kicked off to a start with this melodious event organised by Crescendo. The competition required a team of 3-6 participants to perform in front of a panel of three judges and impress them with their talent. A few of the teams surprised the audience with their original compositions as well.
“Frankly, we are a little disappointed with the turnout this year. The team from VIT is our biggest competition in every Revels and this time, performing without them, it feels just like another version of Pre-Revels.”, said Sharang, one of the members of the participating band.



You might have perhaps hummed along with these people singing outside the food court in the past few days. The final round of Zamir under ‘Crescendo’ took place today, with sixteen finalists competing against each other. Zamir, meaning ‘nightingale’ in Hebrew, was an eastern solo singing contest. The finalists sang songs like ‘Madhushala’, ‘Abhi mujhme kahi’, ‘Teri Deewani’, and even the theme song of ‘Bahubali’. The winner will soon be announced on the Revels app. Who are you rooting for?




NLH 305, 3PM- 4PM

To make something colourful from something as monotonous as a newspaper, this was the idea behind the event ‘Collage’ by Kalakriti. Eight teams competed to create a collage that represents any Indian art form. Event Head Asmitha added that they were to make the collage as three dimensional as they could.


NLH 203, 5:30PM- 6:30PM

This event drew out the artists from the various colleges in Manipal and around. The theme was “Shattered”, and the participants were required to create an artwork using charcoal on the given theme. It tested their interpretation of the theme, clarity, and creativity along with the overall quality of their artistic composition.
“We expected a little more participants than this, but we’re satisfied as we gave our best in organising the event. We’re all looking forward to seeing what the contestants can come up with.”, said Gaurav, one of the Event Heads.



NLH 203, 2PM- 5PM

Just like the Chunin Exam from the Japanese anime ‘Naruto’, ‘Chunin Exam’ by Animania tested the wit and knowledge of the fifty participants with a ridiculously difficult examination Throughout the exam, various hints and cheat codes were subtly given to the candidates. Event Head Rohan was surprised to see such a huge turnout for the event.

What to expect from Day 2- The second round of Chunin Exam with tougher questions and cruel punishments for anyone caught cheating.



NLH 305, 1PM- 6PM

‘Labyrinth’ by Xventure witnessed seven teams competing to complete a course across the campus. Each team had to begin the timed race by Jumaring at AB5. Then, they had to cycle all the way to the Student Plaza and finally complete the course by swimming across the MIT pool. Event Head Snehasish was glad to see the excited participants kick off day one of Revels.



IC STAGE, 3:30PM- 4:30 PM

The area in front of the Innovation Centre witnessed a huge crowd which gathered for the poetry and shaayari of students who wanted to speak their hearts out. People in large numbers cheered and applauded every performance, collectively encouraging expression. The first round expected participants to share a poem of their choice and one poem which is written by them. The second round which is on day two revolves around Riwaayat and traditions, giving a platform for creative and original content


NLH 205, 2-3:30 PM

Perhaps one of the highlights of the first day of revels and yet one of the most underrated events, Tark Vitark undertook some of the most pressing political concerns of our country in the form of an open debate in Hindi. The contestants could choose to pick he three topics and choose to speak for or against namely: – the sensationalisation of news by the media, whether having a formal education a prerequisite for politicians in Indian politics and the influence of black money in Indian politics. The speakers spoke at length about the pitfalls of journalism and the false representation of facts in media. Many interesting points were raised regarding whether a formal education was required to make an informed decision for the betterment of the people. Once the speaker spoke for a length of not more than 5 minutes, the stage was open to anyone, whether other contestants, the judges or even the audience to question the speaker and provide a counter-argument. However, the only thing that missing was the dearth of solutions to the problems raised by the contestants. All in all the event was a greater refresher on the current political scene in India and an interesting look into the minds of the youth of the nation.



LA, 6 PM- 9 PM

Ursache Moda means ‘fashion with a cause’, and this is what the inspiration for the participants had to be. Upon reaching NLH 305, the few who took part were made to choose a chit from a bowl – a chit that had a certain topic related to a social cause. They were given an hour to prepare for it, to make a costume out of trash or any reusable material. Later, they moved to LA for a photo shoot where the judges selected the best pictures.

What to expect tomorrow: Round 2 will see the contestants attempting a walk on the stage, with the help of designers for their costumes.


NLH 404, 2PM- 4PM

This event served as a platform for its participants to showcase their abilities to imitate the characteristics of personalities in their own unique way, besides being provided with the opportunity to improvise and add their own effects to these characters. The contestants impressed those in attendance and most rather outdid themselves.


NLH 404, 4-6PM
The first day of revels saw the debut of radioactive, which pitted the contestants against each other in an attempt to find the best voice-over actors. Yes, you heard that right, the participants drew chits from two bags, one which determined which clip they were going to dub, and the second decided what theme they were going to dub in. The explicit details of the script were left up to the participants’ own imagination and they were provided with 10 minutes to come up with the same. For example, the first team drew a clip of Rick and Morty being saved from a Nazi general for their video and their genre for the script was to be ‘horror-comedy’. Others included everything from Harley Quinn jumping off the roof into a pool of chemicals to educating Lilly from Modern Family as to how kids are made. The efforts of the participants were irrelevant to the video at and often cringe-worthy but whether picking the brains of Frankenstein or discussing the explicit details of birthing a child, it was a great laugh and the audience, as well as the participants, had a great ball.



NLH 204, 202, 5:30PM- 6:30PM

With an excessively overwhelming crowd, round 1 of Jeopardy was undoubtedly an absolute success. The event had around 160 participants in teams of two. Each team was handed a questionnaire with murder mysteries and riddles to solve.

Out of this entire lot, only eight teams will be qualifying for the second round. The participants can look forward to a bunch of exciting activities to commit the perfect crime in round 2.


NLH 202, 2-3:30 PM

An event, based entirely on the world of magic and Harry Potter started its first round with pen and paper. The questionnaire consists of three parts – trivia to test one’s Harry Potter knowledge, logical reasoning to test one’s IQ, and a personality test to assess which magic house the test-taker belongs to. The takers will then be divided up into the eight houses of Hogwarts and Ilvermony. The second round is a situational awareness/mock battle round wherein the teams are awarded a certain number of points which they must use to buy spells and win against the other teams.
The third and final round will be a replication of the Triwizard Tournament and will comprise a maze loaded with obstacles. If a team didn’t overcome an obstacle, it would have to start from the very beginning.

What to expect tomorrow?
Round 2, the battle of the spells round, will take place at NLH 204 followed by the declaration of the teams going onward.



NLH 403, 6-8PM

Dramebaaz’s newest event, Worst Auditions Ever, was an overall success and gave everyone present in NLH 403 a serious case of the giggles. Participants were made to improvise and tasked with making the situations handed to them almost embarrassing to watch. For example, the character of a stern army general would be made to audition for a romantic role.
The event heads and organisers seemed quite satisfied with both the turnout and execution of the show.

What to expect tomorrow?
WAE was a one round, improv event. However, Dramebaaz will host events such as Moods and Centre Stage tomorrow.




The Lights flashed, and the crowd cheered, pumping their arms in the air to the beat of the music as they felt the bass thump in their chest. The best dancers from 15 colleges from in and around Manipal including some of our very own members of Blitzkrieg, Showstoppers and Reapers showed off their moves in the solo dance category of Revels. From contemporary to hip hop they had it all covered, enthralling the crowd with their jaw-dropping moves. The dancers were also competing for a chance to represent their state at the national hip-hop contest. The only regret of the evening is that it eventually ended.



The MIT quadrangle experienced immense energy, as the participants of the event Groove, under the category Footloose set fire to the stage with their dance moves.

Altogether, there were four brilliant performances.Each unique in their own way.

The perfectly lit stage and the exuberant crowd made this event even more memorable.


SoC, 6PM

Revels proved to be the perfect opportunity for the NGO SCIO to launch the Sukhoon campaign, in association with the Red Cycle organization. Following their formal inauguration yesterday, the grand opening was held today in the SOC quadrangle, in the form of an open mic, literally. The evening included a stand-up set by Kartik Sadvij and a tirade of other forms of spoken word. The underlying theme was the social dishonour menstruation faces and ways to abolish it. It provided an opportunity to share real-life anecdotes about the mental block this topic brings to some people. Tomorrow, an open discussion will be held in front of the Innovation Centre at 3:30, with panellist Shibli Suhanah, centred around menstrual stigmas and taboos. A drive to distribute pads to the underprivileged and to teach them about reusable, eco-friendly methods as well will follow, in association with organizations Boondh and Ecofemme.

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