Revels 2017: A Glimpse of the Artist Line-up

 Over the years, we’ve had the Proshow stage set on fire by various illustrious artists. From Shilpa Rao and Parikrama to Farhan Akhtar, Ground Zero has never failed to deliver way beyond our expectations. Last year the Ground Zero team revolutionized Proshow by inviting not just one artist for the final day of Revels, but inviting one eminent performer for each day. Of course, the fervor broke through the roof on Day 4 last year, when Papon and Nucleya created an unforgettable night. It just gets better every year, as witnessed by the line-up this year. This year’s Proshow is powered by Maruti Suzuki, Colors of Youth. Let’s catch a glimpse of the artists for Revels ’17.


Karan Singh

He calls himself a ‘mind reader’, a ‘chicken eater’ and a ‘lie detector’. Along with these flattering titles, Karan Singh Magic is India’s leading illusionist and lives to experience the satisfaction of fooling a live crowd.
Magicians do not fascinate him and neither does he acknowledge the existence of ‘magic’, which is why he terms himself as a psychological illusionist. Karan Singh is a performer who creates illusions for the sole purpose of entertainment. He claims to use hypnosis, lie detection methodologies, neuro-linguistic programming and showmanship to leave the audience thoroughly bamboozled.
Karan Singh started performing since the age of sixteen and has done more than a hundred shows ever since. His ‘Grandfather’s Trick’, where he holds up a card for someone to identify it, is actually a tribute to the coincidental success of his first ever trick.
Karan claims to use the audience as his only prop and loves piquing their curiosity to borderline maddening levels. As judgmental as it sounds, the ten seconds between the volunteer leaving his seat and coming up on stage is when Karan knows what trick would leave him stunned. An unequivocal storyteller, he is known to keep the audience hooked at the edge of their seats.
A goofy and an exhaustively engaging artist, Karan has also pulled one over Dynamo and Derren Brown, the greatest magicians this century has ever seen.
Still not convinced at how incredible he is? Check this out.


Karunesh Talwar

Karunesh Talwar is a stand-up comedian and a prolific writer, who has written for All India Bakchod and Weirdass Comedy. His stance on stand-up appears in stark contrast with the current trend among upcoming artists. He personally doesn’t like stand-up comedy to be a corporate job, and sees it as a means to make money.
He made his way into the industry (though not a term he’d appreciate) by winning open mic events, including Comedy Store’s RAW.
As on-stage as he is off-stage, he can be regarded as one of the most genuine comedians in the scene right now. No gimmicks, no advertisements, forceful voice modulations, random funny faces. He makes it a point to keep slapstick out of his performances, which is why he can be seen as one of the prominent cultivators of pure stand-up comedy.
He is stringent about not making a YouTube channel just yet. He dropped out of college at 19 and has been doing this ever since. He does write for television, which pays him enough to be happy in life. He emphasizes the need to nurture his talent, engage the audience for well over an hour or two, before making it to YouTube.
He would happily perform his special Paka Na Mat Mote in a room of with an audience of 10. Because he’d call it a success even if 7 of them laugh. Given his brutal honesty and unfettered edginess, they usually do.
One quiet, omniscient comedian, who makes his audience make all the noise.

Don’t believe us? Take a look.


Sahil Shah

One of the founding members of East India Comedy alongside Sorabh Pant (revels’16, ahem ahem), Sahil Shah is regarded as one of the most promising names on the Indian comedy circuit. He is known to put the pun in Punishment, the ease in sleaze, and claims to have co-authored the Bible, for which he’s still uncredited.
Sahil Shah is synonymous with hilarity and is popularly known as the hysterically whiny ‘Gujju Bee’ on Snapchat. He considers himself an outcast in his family of doctors and claims his life to be a punchline. An extremely punny person, Sahil has done countless sketches and written scripts for numerous award shows.
Having performed over 600 shows, both nationally and internationally, Sahil has also been featured on TV shows such as ‘UR Fired’ on Channel V and ‘The Front Row’ on Star World. He is also famous for being a part of his YouTube indicate, ‘The Ad Show’. He also brags about being an additional cast in the movie ‘Guzaarish’, which according to him, was a breakthrough in his acting career.
An exceptionally versatile comedian and an immensely talented artist, Sahil Shah knows what the audience wants, relatability. This is what helps him perform brilliantly for both the corporate and college crowds.
An enthusiastic lively artist, Sahil is notorious for leaving the audience in tears by being an utter riot. His spontaneity and energy know no bounds. He is famous for remodeling the silliest and stupidest experiences into the most sidesplitting jokes.
Here’s a glimpse of his sheer awesomeness.



A folk/fusion rock band that brings together the hues of Indian classical, and the tones of rock music, their music reflects what the modern Indian youth stands for. Based in Bangalore, the band’s members form a mix as eclectic as the city itself. Lagori is originally a popular street game played with seven stones; something the band members have fond memories of. But the greater significance lies in the number seven since the band is fascinated by the time signature of 7.
The band was formed when the two guitarists Geeth Vaz, and Edward Rasquinhas quit their former band Fahrenheit to try out something else. Later came along Tejas Shankar, the lead vocalist with an infectious degree of energy. With the bass guitar is Shalini Mohan, and on the drums is Vinyl Kumar. Owing to different musical backgrounds, the band members bring together influences from genres as disparate as Hindustani, Rock, Metal, and Blues. As a result, their fresh, soul-stirring music reaches out to everyone, cutting through linguistic differences, or preferences of genres.
Take a look at one of their catchiest tunes, to whet your appetite for more Lagori.


Benny Dayal and FunktuaTion

Benny Dayal is a Bollywood playback singer who hails from the state of Kerala. He started his career in 2006 after being discovered by A. R. Rahman. Since then, Benny has innumerable chartbusters to his credit, some of them being Badtameez Dil, Locha e Ulfat, Ude Dil Befikre, Bang Bang and Let’s Nacho.
Benny won the RD Burman Award for New Music Talent at the 54th Filmfare Awards for the song Kaise Mujhe Tum from Ghajini. He has sung over a hundred songs for the Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu music industries. An immensely talented singer, songwriter and a music composer, Benny is currently a coach in the singing reality show, The Voice India Season 2 and a judge for Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth, the title sponsors for Revels’17.
Accompanying him is FunctuaTion, a band that came together in 2011 and started off by playing funky covers from the 80s and 90s. Famed for setting every stage on fire regardless of the country they are in, FunktuaTion’s groovy music is built around warped effects, succinct arpeggiators and raw guitar licks. The band consists of Yashita Sharma, Alok Merwin, Allwyn Jeyapaul, Carl Fernandes, Joshua Satya, Toby Joseph and focuses mostly on the Electro-Funk genre.
Their music is infectious, catchy and screams raw emotion. Take a look at one of their hippest numbers.


Anish Sood

Anish Sood is an electronic dance music producer and DJ, from Goa. He represents a brand of young, emerging artists who are making it big on the Indian dance music scene. Having started DJ-ing at the age of 16 in his high school, he quickly exploded on to the scene by playing for local nightclubs and parties. From there he made his way to NH7 Weekender, Invasion festival, and Sunburn. He has now performed with David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Axwell & Ingrosso, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, among several others.
Understanding the nuances of the art, he is versatile with his music. He can switch between melodic sounds of trance to room-thumping beats of techno. Having a jazz artist in his father, he was acquainted with music early on. From there, writing music, DJ-ing, and mixing records weren’t a far shot. Though even now, he doesn’t have the privilege to commit to either the creative freedom or the commercial callings, and balances between the two. Having developed himself as a brand, he understands that the audience wants to see Anish Sood, more than they want to hear him. That gives him the liberty to incorporate a lot of his own music in his sets.
That freedom, is what every artist strives for, without giving up on the commercial aspect. As a genius with the turntables, he has earned it.
 Here’s a glimpse of his artistry.

–  by Srikriti Dahagam and Agnihotra Bhattacharya for MTTN

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