SOAHS Sports Day

Billie Jean King once said, “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.” Thus, in this spirit of sports, The School of Allied Health Sciences celebrated their Annual Sports- Awards and Prize Distribution Ceremony at MIT Athletics ground on 13th of March. The chief guest for the evening was Dr Rajashekhar, Dean, SOAHS.

Sports builds focus and determination and also cleanses the mind, body and soul. The event started off with lighting of the torch, which from time immemorial, has symbolized “the light of spirit, knowledge and life”. Thus, the sports day commenced and all the players and athletes braved the scorching sun and gave their best. The sports meet spanned over the entire year and comprised of various grueling events such as swimming, football, basketball, cricket and various other athletic and track events which were conducted on the last day at the MIT athletic ground.

The competition was inter-batch and the students were determined to prove their batch’s worth, unity and team spirit. The energy in the atmosphere was high and the crowd’s zeal was unfathomable. Yet, each student’s grit was unbeatable. The ground was filled with the echo of voices and the charismatic beats of a pumped-up playlist. Michael Jordon once said,” Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” It was time for the relay races and as time progressed, the enthusiasm of the crowd reached it’s pinnacle. The moment of truth had finally arrived as it was time for the awards and prize distribution ceremony. The first years were crowned the overall champions with a total of 336 points. Coming very close, the teachers, interns and post-graduates bagged the second position with a total of 331 points and the third place was shared by the third and fourth years with a total of 169 points. The best emerging male athlete was Mr Joel and female athlete was Ms Argya. The best outgoing male athlete was Mr Jarshat and female athlete was Ms Shivani.

As the twilight set in, the annual sports-awards ceremony culminated successfully and spirit of sportsmanship lived on.

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Anushna Sen.

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