Sportzquake 2018- Cricket

What struck one first when venturing towards the playing field of the Dean vs. Pro-Chancellor cricket match was the atmosphere. Dance numbers thumped out of a speaker, and the players moved to them when they felt particularly jubilant. Wisecracks were pitched as frequently as balls, and everyone shared a laugh when both missed their intended targets. The usual tension that permeates a match was replaced by an enviable camaraderie, and the crowd was made to feel like they were a part of the match.
The Pro Chancellor’s team chose to bat in the first innings, which they finished with an impressive score of 153. They almost met their match in the opposing team, where the Dean secretly assembled an all women’s team, whereby they gained 10 extra runs for every female team member. The match ended with the Dean’s team scoring 103 runs, and the Pro Chancellor’s team emerging victorious.
As the evening progressed, the crowd excitement, entertainment quotient, and the cricketing action reached its pinnacle. The Bulls were the winners of the tournament and ‘Harish and team’ were the runners-up. All proceeds from the event were donated by the organizers, the Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal to charitable causes


Written by- Dharini Prasad

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