World Heart Day

YOGA EVENT: Kasturba medical college, VSO and Rotary Manipal Hill Lions club in association with district and family welfare department, Udupi held a mass yoga event on 2nd October. The mass yoga initiative took place at the Ajjarkad stadium. The event started at 7 am and it concluded at 8:30am. There were over fifty participants, which was more than expected. The people who attended this were volunteers, students as well as localities. This event was in association with the day-long CPR event that was conducted by the VSO. The aim of this initiative was to start the day on a note of inner peace, wellness, and holistic thoughts. Dr Govardhan Reddy from the division of yoga, CIMR and Dr Dinesh Nayak- professor of paediatrics, MMMC were present at this event. Dr Govardhan Reddy conducted this event. He intermittently spoke about the beneficial aspects of yoga and the use of each and every “Asana.” He also spoke about the difference between yoga and exercise by saying that yoga crosses the mind-brain-body barrier to attain a level of purity and peace. Dr Govardhan also introduced some facts about yoga wherein one was quite noteworthy- “ there are 84 lakh creatures present on this planet and yoga could complement each of these postures but alas! It is impossible for a human to perform all of these.”
The yoga session came to an end with some “pranayamas”, Prana-soul; Yama-to
hold. The event concluded with an interactive session with Dr. Reddy. Breakfast was served at the end of this session so that the volunteers could gear-up for the long day ahead of them.

CPR Workshop– Playing a part to revive a heart

More than 60% of all cardiac events occur outside a hospital setting. Decrease or stoppage of blood flow to vital organs even for a short duration can result in massive and irreversible damage. Hence it is highly essential to recognize and treat any such emergencies with the utmost importance.

Medical Colleges and Hospitals have the responsibility of education the masses regarding such adversities and empowering the community to tackle the situation and provide first aid. Kasturba Medical College and Kasturba Hospital, played this mammoth role by conducting a “Mass CPR workshop” open to all as part of World Heart day and Daan Utsav 2018. The event was organized in association with Rotary club Udupi-Manipal, Lions club of Udupi, and Volunteer Services Organization, Manipal. The workshop was held at the Ajjarkad grounds from 9am to 4pm. It was preceded by a small Yoga session of about 45 minutes conducted by the Department of Yoga of MAHE. Participants included school children, students of Commerce and Arts colleges, members of various social and non-governmental organizations and the general public. Any person who walked into the grounds could avail the opportunity of learning the proper techniques of CPR.

The event was inaugurated by the Pro-Chancellor of MAHE, Dr. H S Ballal with dignitaries on the dais from various participant institution and non-governmental organizations. The Assistant District commissioner was also present at the event. All the dignitaries stressed the importance of the knowledge of CPR and other first aid techniques. They lauded KMC’s novel efforts in championing this cause and fulfilling the university’s vision for the population that it serves. They even unveiled the posters that are planned to be put up at various public places, buses, and auto rickshaws.

With volunteers clad in fluorescent green and each one in charge of a mannequin, around 50 participants were taught at a time. First, a video was shown to them followed by a brief explanation by the volunteers. Then the volunteers would briefly demonstrate the methods of assessing the scene safety, responsiveness, breathing, and carotid pulse. This was followed by a demonstration of effective chest compressions. Each participant who initially walked in without the knowledge of the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest walked out with the knowledge of resuscitating the heart in case of an emergency. Even though the effectiveness of the training is questionable by proper medical standards, creating awareness about cardiac events and available first aid options was the main motto of the event that it efficiently fulfilled.

Buses ferried students, faculty and the general public that registered for the event every hour from Manipal to Ajjarkad. The participants were provided with refreshments after the event and also given a small demonstration of trauma first aid by the students and faculty of Manipal College of Nursing. Bookmarks depicting the highlights of the workshop and discount coupons for treatment at Kasturba Hospital were distributed at the end of the workshop.

The event saw participants turn up in hundreds and was a site of immense curiosity and interaction. The participants shot questions at the volunteers who, well equipped by their own training tackled with ease. The mannequins and scene organization complete with an efficient audio-visual system made the whole learning experience competent and complete.

The fiery spirit of the Department of emergency medicine and the student organization committee was the guiding wheel that drove the event to success. The media team that played a huge role publicizing the event and motivating people to learn, played a huge role. Lastly, the volunteers who were the worker bees of the hive were the backbone on which the event stood afoot, tall and radiant beaming with the spirit of Daan Utsav, spreading the joy of giving.


Written by- Zainab J. and Vinay Reddy

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