AIESEC: One World Conference for Sustainable Growth

We live in a society where it all comes down to building connections and sustaining bonds. If that aspect is taken away from us, are we left with a fulfilling life? A static mind never seeks adventures, and that is a factor applicable to everyone, so seeking exploration isn’t a preference but a necessity. With a deprivation in sources, exploration is limited, and this may have significant impacts.

How bored are you sitting at home? What the pandemic has undoubtedly brought in our lives is a lack of exposure and interaction. We haven’t been able to meet our friends frequently, explore new ideas and gain insightful experiences as we would have in the real (offline) world. Hence, the question arises—what can be done to improve the situation? The fear of missing out has gripped our society today, where the youth lacks physical experiences as well as a healthy mental state. Many are suffering from devastating experiences, and several have lost their purpose somewhere along the way. How can we expect a bright future when half of the world lacks guidance and self-motivation? That is where we need to take a step forward and think about utilising technology to solve this predicament.

In an attempt to complement our lives with this necessity, AIESEC Ahmedabad brings to you the One World Conference—an invitation to be a part of the project that will help build One World. With this, AIESEC puts its faith in humankind’s potential by strengthening the international community so that it ignites hope when the world faces any adversity. This conference is accessible to everyone and not just AIESECers.

AIESEC is a global organisation lead by youth, which instils and identifies a leader in every individual. It offers practical learning in a diverse atmosphere through organisations and associate companies. With over 90,000 active members and 7,000+ partner organisations, AIESEC facilitates solid and healthy partnerships between the Youth and Corporations, supplementing the experience with professionalism and multicultural environments. The Board of Advisors of AIESEC includes eminent members like Dr. Savan Godiawala, a partner at Deloitte India, and Piyush Desai—the Chairman of Wagh Bakri TeaGroup.


The One World Conference focuses on the following objectives –

  • Moulding young leaders through cultural vibrancy.
  • Expanding connections and diving into unconventional fields for employment.
  • Balancing the inner-outer reality to instil a sense of self amidst the chaos.


The Delegate profile includes anyone between the ages of sixteen and thirty interested in skill enhancement and self-improvement for the real world. AIESEC members from 114 countries and territories will be present at the conference. All the delegates will have contact with high-profile speakers. A viable solution will be given for the topics of the agenda and barriers like attending online events and boredom.

There will be prominent speakers from the AIESEC community and the areas of business, sustainability, education, and activism.

The conference will be held in the first week of July, with the following events–

Day 1 (4th July, 4:30 to 8:30 P.M.): Let’s Unlearn

The act of unlearning and rewiring the mind is an essential asset for us. The first day focuses on deconstructing our mind to the core of our thoughts and motivations. It opens us up to a conscious state and promotes a disciplined state to approach tasks. The session also assists in truly discovering one’s passion with ideologies, work and projects.

Day 2 (5th July, 4:30 to 9:00 P.M.): Let’s Learn

The next in line is to open the mind to novelty. This session analyses the potential work style in the future, focusing on investing today for a better tomorrow. Finally, it introduces Skill Lab—a workshop highlighting the skills beneficial in professional life.

Day 3 (6th July, 4:30 to 8:30 P.M.): Let’s Lead

Led by a speaker who empathises with the youth and understands their true potential, it elucidates financial independence and its pertinence. Delegates’ questions will be answered, and their mindsets will be channelized towards becoming leaders in the coming years.

Day 4, the HR Global Village, is a special event for the delegates. Even though it is optional to attend, members of AIESEC look forward to the last, but not least—day.


In a world where drastic conditions of depleting resources and proliferating problems, events like these aim to equip individuals of the student community and others towards sustainable success. AIESEC creates the best environment to incubate these ideas with resources and guidance that ensure its exceptional execution and subsequent success. With students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, important conversations are initiated. As the world becomes more of a global village—networking, leadership, and field-specific skills are essential. This event is the perfect place to start and continue your journey to be a contributing member of the community.

Written by Parva Mehrotra  for MTTN

Edited by Shirley Asangi for MTTN

Featured Image and Image by AIESEC Ahmedabad




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