Freshers’ Orientation 2018

Remember your first few weeks at Manipal? When you thought clubs were just for drama and sports or nerds who think robots are cool? Or when you thought nothing exciting can really happen at an engineering college? And then the Fresher’s Orientation happened. The Student Council, MIT in association with the Student Welfare department sought to introduce the freshers of the year 2018-2019 to the event-packed calendar MIT goes through every year at an orientation held at MV Seminar Hall. With the enticing after-movie of Revels 2018 kicking things off, a brisk explanation of how drama isn’t just restricted to just one club, and modeling clubs also exist (not just one, but two) followed. An enthusiastically welcomed filler then prevailed, in the form of Student Council member Althaf Ibrahim doing a short stand-up sequence on GPAs (what else?). They then moved on to student projects and technical clubs, ending with hyping up the juniors for TechTatva 2018 with a theme video. Keeping up the energy, Althaf was back with another extremely relevant topic to MIT students, South Indian accents. Overall, generously sprinkled with humour, making what would otherwise be a monotonous orientation enthralling, the event was more than well-attended by the First Years, with the crowd spilling in to the hallway, and almost every inch of carpet area being covered with eager faces, bright-eyed and all set to jump right in to club recruitments.

-Written by Mahia De’Sylva for MTTN.

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