Dashavataram: The Story of Reincarnation (A Diamond Jubilee Special)

In honor of Manipal Institute of Technology’s Diamond Jubilee year, a Bharathnatyam group dance ‘Dashavataram’ was performed at the Quadrangle, on 17th February, 2017.
The program was initiated by an invocatory song, followed by the first dance: Gajamukhavandana, a dance to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

The dance, performed by our very own faculty’s children, left the audience spellbound.
The next dance celebrated the ten avatars of Vishnu, famously known as ‘Dashavataram’, which is derived from the words dasa, meaning ten, and avatar, meaning incarnation. The dancers elegantly enacted out the avatars, the Matsya (fish), Narasimha (man lion), and kurma (tortoise) being a few which caught the eye.
An interesting fact is that the order of the dashavataras has been interpreted to be reflective of darwinian evolution. The dancers were loudly applauded, as the performance came to an end.
The gathering was then addressed by our beloved director, Dr. G.K. Prabhu, who introduced the lovely Reela Hora, an Odissi dancer and Sri Sudarshan Sahu, a Delhi based artist.
The theme of the event was ‘Vedas’, meaning knowledge, also considered as the most sacred books of India, containing spiritual knowledge encompassing all aspects of life.

The star performance of the evening, by Reela Hora encompassed a demonstration of the Vedas. The dance invoked the sustainers of life, fire water and the creator.
The evening was quite a memorable one, as the breathtaking performances had the audience awestruck.

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