Revels’18 Primer: How to Participate

The build-up to MIT’s favourite festival has begun. As the food court witnesses a month-end-dinner like thrum of activity every night, the Revels-related queries come pouring in. Here’s a concise compilation of everything you need to be a part of Revels’18: –

Where to sign up?

    1. Visit the site.
    2. Receive login credentials.
    3. Login.
    4. Accepts terms & conditions.
    5. Choose the type of Delegate Card.
    6. Choose the payment method (Atom and PayTM not
    active yet).
  • Delegate Cards will be available at KC from 5:30 pm onwards.
  • Cost of Delegate Cards:

₹200 – Cultural events

₹50 – Sports events

How to register for an event?

  • Each event has its respective QR code.

This QR code is visible on the poster of the event.

Participants may simply scan said QR code to register for the event.

The scanning may be done using the app or mobile website.


  • If a participant wishes to add teammates, they may simply scan the teammate’s QR code, available on his/her dashboard as well as delegate card.


As Revels’18 draws nearer, we strongly recommend that you get your game faces on. Join us as we attempt to showcase the best of Manipal’s talent and make memories to last a lifetime.

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