Pre-Revels ’18: Ergo and Paradigm Shift


“Quizzing is more than what you’ll ever learn in class”
On the 19th February 2018, ERGO’s first Pre-Revels workshop —The Quiz Workshop, scheduled at 5:30 P.M. was shifted to NLH 402 after initially being held in NLH 203.

“Our main aim was to remove the false perception that people have about a quiz,” said Ayush, an organizer of the event. The workshop succeeded in doing exactly that. At first, the participants were briefed on basic terminologies used in the quizzing arena. After which they were challenged with riveting questions spread across five different categories—General Affairs, Sports, Entertainment, and India.

With almost double the participation when compared to the previous year, the classroom buzzed with excitement as each and every student contributed to making this workshop an enjoyable learning experience.


The second workshop organised by ERGO organized was one for budding public speakers and debaters. It was an appropriate chance for debate enthusiasts to brush up their oratory skills.
The basic aim was to make participants confident in their diction. It started with familiarising the participants with the Oxford debating format which will be followed in the main event.

The organisers explained the basic rules and shared a few tricks on acing public speaking towards the end.

“It’s the stepping stone for debating and getting into public speaking,” said one of the organisers. He further stated that there would be a lot of fun events for the participants during Revels to make their experience amusing.


Paradigm Shift’s Slam Poetry and Just-A-Minute(JAM) workshop was held in NLH 402 at 5:30 PM on 20th February 2018.

Like every other workshop, this too started with a rundown of the rules that need to be followed while competing in a JAM event. The organizers gave the participants a demo of a typical JAM, after which the audience was invited to take part. The room was filled with energy as the participants gave it their all, tackling quirky topics with various conditions.
The lights dimmed down and the atmosphere became serene as the Slam Poetry workshop began. A few slam poetry videos were shown, after which a handful of students shared their original pieces that left the audience spellbound.
Overall, both the workshops were informative and enjoyable.

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