Red-X Manipal: The Year That Was


MTTN: How did the club start?

RED-X: Red-X was started mainly for sport enthusiasts who were fond of trekking, rappelling, rafting etc. but lacked the resources to go to such places. Manipal has a lot to offer in terms of good adventure spots, but sadly they have almost always been inaccessible. Hence the concept of an official adventure club was generated. It started on 10th June 2004 with four departments – IQ, V8, Disha and Adventure X. Since then, two of its departments have dissolved since more clubs have come up in Manipal. Disha is the social wing which sets up workshops, fund raisers, donation camps and free health checkups for underprivileged children. Adventure X, on the other hand, has all adventure freaks content with their occasional trips satisfying their adrenaline rush.

MTTN: What events were covered over the past year?

RED-X: “Many are under the assumption that Red-X only consists of exciting excursions and fun outings, but that is not true. We set up more donations and health camps than adventure trips”, Anant Agarwal chuckled. They held a blood donation camp in NLH and free health checkups in schools and orphanages. Not only that, they also sponsor education for certain students up to the 10th grade. They help in the infrastructure of schools and public areas to compensate for their insufficient funds. Every Diwali, they go to orphanages and distribute sweets to the children there. They believe that just donating things is not enough but being with them during the festival of lights and sharing their happiness is. Not only did they distribute sweets but also lit fire crackers and interacted with the children. Red-X recently started an Umbrella Distribution Drive where they donated over 250 umbrellas to the security guards for their constant protection even in the face of heavy downpour.

Umbrella Drive
The Umbrella Drive was a great success

Every year they make it a point to have atleast four trips in and around Manipal. The first one was to Mullyangiri which boasts of being the highest peak in Karnataka. The second trip was to Kodachadri. This year they also conducted a trip to Saklespur which was completely sold out. During Revels, Red-X has a category called X-Venture where they assemble a number of tasks which the students eagerly look forward to. It’s a relay race consisting of wall rappelling, cycling and tight rope walking. The number of students who want to participate in the events each year are too many. The reason Vertigo was conducted last year was so that those people who did not get to participate in X-venture could fulfill their desires. Vertigo was an event mostly conducted for the first years. The success of the event was enormous. The last time Zorbing was done in manipal was 5 years ago. It was one of the trickiest things they have ever done, as the ball gets punctured all the time. This year they have decided to introduce Adventure Weekend where interested people can get away from college and enjoy the peaceful nature.

The funds raised from these events are used for social causes.

MTTN: How did the club manage to get sunburn?

RED-X: The process of getting Sunburn to Manipal was a rather lengthy process which needed months of planning and execution. The biggest difficulty Red-X faced was collecting enough funds to host such an event. They approached many sponsors before asking the university, as they wanted it be a surprise. This was the first time Manipal had an event related to EDM.

Hosting Sunburn was probably the biggest thing any club in MIT has done. They single handedly managed a crowd of 2500 students from not only Manipal but also NIT-Suratkal and KMC Mangalore. The club faced many difficulties– one of them being that everyone thought Sunburn was a hoax and it was too good to be true. But when it finally did happen everyone was in a state of shock and admiration at the effort Red-X took. It’s safe to say Sunburn was an enormous success.

(To know more about what happened in Sunburn, read this exclusive article of Sunburn Manipal Behind the Scene here )


Sunburn 2016
Sunburn saw a turnout of about 2500 people


MTTN: What plans does the club have for this year?

RED-X: “After the success of Sunburn people expect a certain standard from us and we have to live up to their expectations.” The plans for this year are still not finalized and he was therefore reluctant in sharing details, but we know one thing for sure, Red-X is planning something BIG!

Here’s the amazing board of Red-X.

Chairperson- Rishab Bagrodia                                                                                                                                                           Vice Chairperson- Dakshesh Patani                                                                                                                                           General Secretary- Himanshu Madhwani                                                                                                                           Treasurer- Anant Agarwal                                                                                                                                                            Event Manager Yashvardhan Singh                                                                                                                                             Adventure Head- Jesu Dewanjee                                                                                                                                                 Disha Head- Harshit Anand                                                                                                                                                     Corporate Relations Head- Venkat Rajvanshi                                                                                                                               Human Resources Head- Nancy Jamwal                                                                                                                             Publicity Head- Aseem Praharsh                                                                                                                                           Advisory Body- Meet Patel.

Red-X team.

We hope they have an amazing future and bring forth some great trips for us in the future. Awaiting many more Sunburn events and Adventure Weekends from them. MTTN wishes that you climb great peaks, literally!

-As said to Nabilah Hussain for MTTN.

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