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When the beats give in to moves and the crowd jumps with the ecstatic feeling of being one with the music, that is what it’s like to be in an EDM concert.

Electronic Dance Music, abbreviated as EDM, is a broad range of electronic music genres. Commonly produced by DJs all over the world, it came into the broad music stage when the U.S. music industry made an attempt to transform the rave culture. It is also known as “dance music” and “dance” in different parts of the world. Like other music genres, EDM has various subgenres that have evolved since birth of EDM, which have been distinguished by varying tempo, rhythm, instrumentation and time period. Some of these are dubstep, trance, electro, big room, trap, drum and bass, house, and a few others that combine the above.

Fruity Loops

But have you ever thought about the quality that this specific music genre possess that makes you get addicted to the tune, wait in patience for the drop and jump like crazy when  it hits the ground. The simple answer is its repetitiveness. At its most basic level, every EDM song plays in a time signature of 4/4 and, after every 4 sets of 4 counts the tune is changed eventually leading to the drop. The lack of lyrical content allows us to just listen to the beat without having the pain of listening closely to the lyrics to understand the meaning of the song. One of the other reasons is the feeling of anticipation of the beat drop. After the chorus of the song, whether being lyrical or non-lyrical, the song progresses to a certain number of beats and then after the fourth set of fours the DJ “drops it”.


The technical viewpoint is nothing but the interest of the song producers but the meaning of EDM varies from every listener to producer. Music is a celebration of life, a world within itself. EDM was mostly played at illegal rave parties which were held in secret locations. Eventually by early 2000s it evolved into legitimate EDM concerts and festivals where popular DJ’s play their own produced tracks. Due to this boom in the popularity of EDM, the music labels have acquired a massive amount of popularity too, like the Astralwerks, which brought us the beautiful rhythm of the Swedish house Mafia’s hit “Don’t You Worry Child” and one of the most famous record labels for amateur as well as professional electronica producers, Spinnin’ Records. These festivals have gained worldwide acknowledgement and acceptance for their visual spectacles and the artists who play for the crowd. Some of the most looked up to music festivals being Tommorowland, Tomorrow World, Coachella and Lollapalooza. Famous EDM artists include Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Skrilex among others.
Shravani Vyakarnam and Sudhanshu Kadre for MTTN


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