Anomaly- Day Twenty-Five of NaPoWriMo

I saw you
painting your suns on a gloomy day
And it left me unsettled
What were you thinking
Were you
Thinking at all?

Listen to what the walls speak of, plenty of what’s heard, much of what’s misplaced.
Where had I lost you?
Or was it just
All your doing?

Listen close, very close, and their whispers just might fill you too, with a glimmer of that light that had once been there.

But today you left me wondering,
would I ever let your scarred hands hold me?
How was I to love you?
Different, an anomaly.

I spit on you, pity you
Cannot bring myself to accept you
You, my flesh; were you ever a part of me?

And although a lot has changed now, your smile remains just as I’ve remembered it,
over the unmistakable pain in your sunken eyes.
Maybe you’re the price of my mistakes
Yes maybe, just maybe
It will all be okay
Adrift your suns on a gloomy day

Josephine Justin for MTTN

Featured image: Ashirwad Ray

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