Fool – Day One of NaPoWriMo


Mirror mirror, show us all.

Who was the greatest fool of them all?


Once upon a time,

there was a 


who took the fall everyday

for the rest of his days. 

His details pinned to the wall of shame,

his entire life was documented for somebody else’s fame.

A wide belly and a caked face,

he was stripped of identity and grace,

just an anonymous figure designed

to trigger mere muscle movement.

The court enjoyed him during the working hours, ignored him during the rest.

But the man he was, spent his prime hours 

with his very own jester of two years old,

who performed just for an audience limited to two;

his chronically ill mother 

and her joke of a husband.


Once upon a time,

there was a 


who had a nightmare

of his life draining into the abyss,

of a fight where

he wouldn’t survive the ice cold depths

of a heart, rare 

enough to drive away the warmth of his

affection, a tear 

in their book together that leads to losing the other forever.

And when the prophecy finally came true,

he didn’t simply accept his fate. 

Instead, he chased after the sun even after sunset,

he chased after hope even after it got lost,

he chased after his dream 

even into the real world. 

But the vision once ignored

led to their pages never being found.


Once upon a time,

there was a 


who lost her sight.

Her friends pitied her plight,

but did not care enough to fight

against this nature, against her flaw, against a failure.

her reliability reduced to nothing 

meant her eminent demise would do something 

to help her anguish, sorry

to help them leave her, so hurry

they did, to get her to a safer heaven 

which is anywhere but their residence.

Oblivious to the truth in front of her,

she didn’t even back away

when the doctor came with his mercy.

In spite of all, in her last moments, 

their tolerance for a cripple only ended up reducing her life 

and not her trust.


Reader reader, you know them all.

Now who’s the greatest fool of us all?


Written by Sanjay Kumar

Picture courtesy : Joe Jackson – Fool (album cover), Google


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