Infinite – Day Nineteen of NaPoWriMo


I remember the first time I met you,
you knew me by face much before.
You’d already got your eye set on me;
and I,
not even with a clue,
knew about your god darned existence.

I didn’t know you then,
submerged within
the disorderly crowds;
I couldn’t tell the difference between you
and the guy with
the similar build who stood beside.

this was the first time I saw you.
Haphazardly tipsy,
you fell around the place,
constantly telling me how inebriated you were.

12:04 p.m.,
you’d laugh,
and I’d smile,
watching you flail around,
trying to get a grip of reality;
we spoke and talked
and watched and moved,
we questioned and thought
and pondered and wondered.

You took me out
to watch the sunsets,
you were late even then,
so much for the both of us being on time.
I waddled around
trying to keep up with you,
your strides much longer than my short ones
you mocked that I was the model between us.

Over drinks and more cigarettes,
those silly plastic cups,
sprite still isn’t a good mixer;
but that night there was something else wasn’t there?
between Beach House
humming softly in the background,
you sitting an arm’s length away from me.

Something changed
in some part of the universe that night,
how could it be that two specks of dust,
so insignificant,
feel so free?

We were far more than free,
we became stars that night.
not like those surreal romance novels
that make believe and false prophecies,
stories about lives intertwining and heart’s breaking.

We became stars that night,
millions and billions
of light years apart,
just parallelly infinite in existence.

Never to cross,
Never to love,
Never to hate,
Never to want.
Never, no not ever,
to become one.

~ Written by Melissa Carlo for MTTN
~ Feature Image by Ankita Shenai 

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