Senior Crew

Akshay Ananthakrishnan
With a camera in his hand, this Nagpur kid has travelled so much that he probably knows every city inside out. He’s easy to strike a conversation with and can smooth talk any girl, especially since he knows every language there is. Everybody knows him for his constant trolls. You could call him at any time of the day, and he’d be willing to help out. With the best recruitment in MTTN history, he continues to wow everyone with his work.
Tejal Khullar
A vision, a perception of the world so different - and poetic at times - is what sets Tejal Khullar apart. A quiet, and calm person, it's almost easy to underestimate her steely resolve and her Zen-like focus. When it comes to creative writing, you would not want to be matched against her.
Anmol Rathi
Don't let Anmol’s huge beard fool you – he’s easy to approach and extremely friendly with everyone. Instagram goes crazy when he uploads a picture. Interestingly, he will probably be the one who'll also have your worst photos. Think twice before messing with him, for all you might know the next second your face would be all over memes. The Gordon Ramsay of our Photography unit he knows his camera and work as his own child. The go-to person during content shortage, for he will have enough stellar shots as buffer. Anmol clicks as many remarkable photos in a day that many do over months. His talent and passion is yet to be matched
Manan Dhuri
One of the quietest crew members, Manan lets his camera do the talking. He is a certified troll and has an innate talent for manufacturing memes. It's a surprise he hasn't been beaten up yet by a radical group for his scandalous humor. A person whom you can blindly trust with all your portraits, Manan is often found in remote locations waiting to capture what misses the common person's eye. When he isn't venturing into the wild, you'll probably find him in front of a screen consuming anime
Samar Dikshit
The man behind the camera, the man behind the team. Sarcastic, mean, and a very secret softie. Our man Sam spends his time displaying his Bangalore (and Mumbai) snobbery with sentences such as "Yelahanka isn't Bangalore". If you thought sadism and kindness didn't go together, we'd urge you to look at the smile that stretches across his face when the junior crew messes up. If you're going on a trip, a photo walk, or an astrophotography workshop - he's the guy you take with you. The one place you don't want him though is the interviewer's chair.
Nethraa Kannan
No words could suffice to describe just how beautiful of a human being Ms Yelahanka is. As sassy as she is responsible, this meme queen has been known to manage the functioning of this organization while resting on a hospital bed. Her sheer dedication and commitment is nothing short of exemplary, and she's an incredibly valuable treasure to this organization.
Mayank Agarwal
A vigilante in the dark, Mayank can deal with a thousand things each day but still keep that top-notch smile. If not found working as the General Secretary at Student Council of MIT, he will be either in his Batcave at Block 14, or out at parties. The go-to guy for any of your troubles, Mayank will always be there with solid advice. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.
Saloni Suchdev
A pure-bred stalker, Saloni is someone who manages to keep track of everyone in this massive team. Always the little bundle of energy in every meeting, every interaction, she seems to light up whatever environment she finds herself in. Apart from the fact that it takes real work to hold her down at times, she is someone everyone would find comfort in talking to.
Ayush Agrawal
Amongst his many talents, cracking lame jokes is probably the one he’s best known for. After having joined MTTN in his first year as a writer, he’s come a long way. From web development to handling PR, he’s done it all. He’s someone you instantly feel comfortable with, and whom you can turn to for advice regarding anything in life. To him, MTTN is nothing less than a family for whom he’s given his all. He knows how to work hard and party harder, which is why you’ll find him signing a MoU in the council office at one moment and partying in the next. He can handle a hundred things at the same time, and still not show the slightest sign of stress on his face.
Agnihotra Bhattacharya
His name translates to a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda, so does his aura exemplify the same. With the capability to touch the hearts of students across all years, Agnihotra has managed to bind MTTN into a large, closely knit family in his tenure as the Editor-in-chief. Extraordinarily jovial and kind spirited he is equally vociferous when it comes to working. Having delivered as a photographer, graphic designer and writer, there is no domain which remains unconquered by this versatile human being. However, he is remembered for his camaraderie and dependability as a friend. His passion and vision while leading MTTN has brought the crew forward by leaps and bounds and for that, we'll forever remain indebted.
Krishna Hemant
You can expect adventures when you're hanging out with this guy. From running from End Point to campus to giving baths to cameras in the sea, everything is crazy with him. He’s a crazy photographer, an insanely talented cinematographer, but more importantly, a crazy-ass friend.
Abhishek Sarin
Fondly known by everyone as 'Baba’, Sarin is our very own Ranveer Singh. A typical Punjabi at heart, he's done everything from stand-up comedy to starring in YouTube videos for Untied Laces. His demeanour oozes confidence, and with his charming personality, he's one of the easiest people to strike a conversation with. Always smiling, he doesn't hesitate to lend a helping hand to juniors and seniors alike. Probably his best creation till date is his Raita playlist, that'll make you groove to its beats, no matter what. There's never a dull moment in his company because he always has a bagful of interesting (read: embarrassing) stories to share with you, and by the time he's done, he’ll make sure he knows yours too. P.S. - He plays the guitar also.
Peeyush Chauhan
If you need any help expressing emotions aesthetically, look no further than Peeyush. Apart from having a good sense of humour, he is very wholesome, and his words can encourage anyone. He stands tall in the crowd, both figurative and literally. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the work of Peeyush is a perfect example of how words can be worth just as many photos.

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