No words could suffice to describe just how beautiful of a human being Ms. Yelahanka is. As sassy as she is responsible, this meme queen has been known to manage the functioning of this organization whilst resting on a hospital bed. Her sheer dedication and commitment is nothing short of exemplary, and she's an incredibly valuable treasure to this organization.
Abhishek Mishra
There's always that one guy. The one with an insane GPA, the one who's always in control. The one everyone knows will lead the team someday, the one who will inevitably make it big. It's not just his stellar writing flair, or his ability to flourish the most beautiful lines in Urdu out of thin air. It’s not only his vast knowledge that sets him apart. He knows his strengths, his weaknesses, and his destiny all too well. And if that is not a gift, you're underestimating him. It's hard to find people with an intellectual depth that puts others at shame, but when you do find one, always ensure they wind up on your team. Abhishek Mishra did, and that's a delight for the entirety of MTTN.
If you're walking down the road and you see a girl who reminds you of Pocahontas skipping down it, you'll know that's Janice. Every photographer's favourite muse, Janice listens exclusively to old time rock & roll, loves puns and mixes about 12 different condiments to a regular dal chawal. She’s a lot of fun to be around and she’ll have a warm smile stretched across her face 90% of the time.
Want to go on a round the world trip on a bike? Call Ary for company. Insane bike enthusiastic and one of the most passionate in photography in the team, he is as amazing with people as he is managing them. He's the living travel diary of the crew, and always ready for adventure.
Known for his exceptional cinematic travel videography skills, Faseel has been a great asset to MTTN's videography team. He tries to maintain his so-called "low profile" with a silent character, but always fails to do so. He’s an amazing video editor, daily reddit-or and FC Barcelona supporter who always regrets being an engineering student. Also, if you want any suggestion on music & movies, this human Spotify is the one for you!
After performing in front of 3000 students at Revels, his face probably no longer needs an introduction. In just a year, Shubhang has become everyone’s favourite with his smiling face and the easy manner in which he delivers his jokes on the stage. He has a penchant for music and if you’re one of his close friends, he’ll make sure you have a new playlist with the best songs to listen to, every week. On most days, you’d find him asking for suggestions on the best food joints to hit up, because food and music are the two things that give him the most joy in life. Only after his dog, Simba though, who’s quite literally the apple of his eye. Shubhang is someone who’d ridicule his friends until they have to beg him to stop, but at the same time, he’d be there to comfort them with a sane piece of advice every time they get into a mess. He gives the best hugs too.
In the popular argument of the book vs the movie he’s someone who can talk from both sides. Awais manages to make the most out of life and lives vicariously through memes and puns. He’s someone who has an opinion and is not afraid to put it forward.From managing the entire team of MTTN to talking facts about football, he’s got it handled!
Denisha joined MTTN as a photographer and has slowly transitioned into a force to be reckoned with within the organisation. Currently heading the Department of Human Resources, she binds the entire crew together. A jovial and spirited soul she is someone you'd want to be friends with. A person who speaks her heart and has no hidden malice, conversations with her are an absolute delight!

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