Senior Crew

Gaurav Prakash
Petrolhead, Serial Entrepreneur, Instagram Addict, you can use any of these terms to describe him, but Gaurav Prakash, at heart, is a problem solver. When he felt the need of a reliable information source about college activities, he started MTTN, and here we are today. GP is a kid at heart, who loves good food, fast cars and other shiny things, but under the fun, selfie addict facade, lies a razor sharp mind. A known name in public speaking circles, this man uses his words to make you do whatever he wants you to, pun intended. Also, he's rich and single. Ladies, take note.
Aman Preet
Best described as resourceful, reliable, sweet and insightful, Aman is the rock against which manipalthetalk. net rests. His skills in dealing with people and his administrative abilities are what several HR folks and management graduates hope to achieve one day. A straightforward person and a quintessential Good Samaritan, he cares fiercely for his friends and is protective of his subordinates and colleagues. Spending time with him is always a learning experience in some way or the other.
Padmanabh Pandit
Bade Bhaiya
Padmanabh ‘Paddy’ Pandit is MTTN’s bade bhai. He is the person we go to when we need something done or someone taken down. Not that we regularly take down people, of course. When he’s not busy being our godfather, he’s usually bedazzling people with his design skills, managing the editorial board or reading. When he’s not doing those things, he’s probably talking to one of the many, many people he knows in Manipal or watching TV shows. In other words, he is a busy guy who sleeps less at night than a vampire. He loves food and other homo sapiens, dislikes judgemental people, and believes that everything is manageable. He joined MTTN because he loved the idea of a college media body and wanted to do something useful with his time.
Rahul Basu
Editor In Chief
If writing was an art of the skies, Basu would be the humble artist who paints fireworks with his words. Editor-in-chief for MTTN, and the editor at The Leaky Cauldron (ask a Potterhead), this guy is equal parts talent and modesty. With an exotic accent and a plethora of knowledge inside his ostensibly innocuous head, he belongs to a rather rare species of the Homo Sapiens. A super intellectual drunk, but definitely lives under a rock when it comes to online social technology (read: Snapchat, Instagram). Metalhead? Check. Plays about 10 musical instruments? Check. Adventurous? Check. Has watched movies featuring SRK as Rahul? Nope, none. And though he is a complete sweetheart, he does aim to someday invade and destroy all humans with artificial intelligence.
Manu Naik
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
The quintessential czar of cool, and an eloquent and creative writer extraordinaire, Manu J Naik is a shining example of how working towards what you’re passionate about can take you places. He secured a position as a writer at MTTN after he won the very first WriCon in 2015, and has been an integral part of our team ever since. Apart from writing, Manu’s an excellent singer, plays the guitar, and possesses a prodigious talent for puns. He often wanders off in pursuit of a personal project, and is one of those people who can actually see it done to the very end; and to top it off, he’s also a good photographer!
Rahul Ambati
Managing Editor
Affectionately called Booty or Kawaii Potato, Rahul is our resident Doge meme, travel, and photography expert and consultant. A single conversation with him could include everything from bikes and RC cars to astronomy and more RC cars, and it’ll definitely save you a trip to the theater. His photos have captured the best of the places and moments of wherever he’s been. He’s also someone who’ll pick you up when you’re down, and will inspire you to do better than you can.
Prattusha Mukherjee
Head of Reporting
Prattusha is a voracious reader and is unabashedly known for her articles whose popularity span throughout MIT. She stands true to herself and does not ever flinch to give a steady opinion. Working with her is an opportunity that nobody wants to miss for she has the ability to keep the ship sailing even when stuck at the vortex of a storm. Her innate ability to traverse through life and transcend the boundaries of creativity make her ever shining sun beam through a room that scatters staccato of dust particles to shine on and spread the light.
Shriya Atmakuri
Head of Creative Writing
Lost in the magical world of Harry Potter, this bespectacled biped paints myriad pictures with her words. Taking her post at MTTN seriously, Shriya wages a constant war against bad grammar. Unlike the real world, Shriya is a giant in the world of quizzing, and considers Pride and Prejudice to be her good luck charm.
Samyukta Pingali
Head of Photography
To put it simply, Sam is an adventurer and photographer. One of the most fun and entertaining people in the crew, she’s competent with anything and everything she chooses to pick up, whether it’s a surf board or a Nikon camera. She’s cares about every single person in the team, and truly makes you believe that we’re all one big family. Her work ethic and efficiency are something that we all can learn from her.
Anurag Varanasi
Deputy Head of Photography
Anurag Varanasi is among the sweetest people you’ll meet in Manipal. Being a die-hard Chelsea fan, Anurag began his photography quest in Manipal itself and credits MTTN with helping him become a photographer. In terms of cuisine, he’s among the most ambiguous people you’ll meet – in that his affiliation with meat-eaters keeps varying, but irrespective of what he’s eating, you can be damn sure he’ll out-eat you in heartbeat. He’s also been instrumental in guiding budding photographers and leading them by example. Truly, Anurag Varanasi has been an asset to MTTN in the many years we’ve had the pleasure of having him.
Kashish Grover
Head of Operations and Web Master
As the head of Operations for MTTN, and the CR of his class, he might strike you as a man who means business while on the job. But in reality, the adorable bespectacled, bearded, darkbuka-weilding Kashish is the most enthusiastic person you will have ever met; be it regarding music, photography or gadgets and gizmos. Known in college for his breathtaking photography and amazingly clean drum rolls, he claims to have aspired to be a Computer Engineer since he was a kid. So infectious is his good natured-humor,that few minutes of his company and you'll be laughing; and you won't even remember what you're laughing about.
Siddharth Tangirala
Head of PR
Photographer turned PR, Sid has the ability to talk his way through people, and this is what has made him a successful PR head. Siddharth is highly ambitious, and aims to do complete his masters in business management. A traveler by heart, Sid has captured some of the most fascinating locations. He believes in experiencing things by himself rather than listening to what people have to share with him. He is not doing his engineering by choice, but he surely is living his life on his own terms, planning out each step and living each moment to its fullest. Siddharth has good taste of movies, books and TV shows, and he can continue to talk on any topic at length with a person. He gives out a good vibe and makes people around him very comfortable to work with, and that's what makes him a successful leader.
Mansi Somani
Head of HR
At first blush, Mansi will appear to be a sweet and innocent girl with a million-dollar smile that radiates happiness. Upon getting to know her, you’ll realize that the initial appraisal was but an understatement of just how adorable and nice she really is! A true paragon of kindness, Mansi Somani is CS undergrad who’s proved her mettle in the field as part of IE-CSE and Google’s Womens’ Developer Group. As head of HR, she’s single-handedly taken care of logistics for MTTN for an innumerable amount of time, and remains the go-to person for almost any qualms one may have. Known to her hostel mates as the mighty eradicator of lizards from rooms, there’s a whole lot more badass to Mansi Somani than meets the eye.
Prakhar Prabhakar
Head of Business Development
A name famous for digital sketches and Business Development tactics in the whole of MIT. But that's not all. Prakhar never fails to deliver his best even as a writer, a photographer, a designer or as a PR personnel. A die-hard Star Wars fan, a big movie buff and a friend to everyone. He is the right person to approach in case you need an opinion or an advice (on anything under the sun). He is also the man behind all the surprises and fancy treats that the MTTN crew gets (read Tags, treats at Cafe Arte and Carnaval t-shirts) One can never have a boring conversation with him. His sense of humour and "shaayari" is always on point. All in all, Prakhar Prabhakar is a one-man-army who can crack any deal you can think of.
Lasya Lakshmi
Senior Editor
They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe that’s why Lasya likes them, especially green ones. In the three years she’s been in Manipal, she’s become known not only for her linguistic prowess, but also for her cheerful and get-it-done-anyhow attitude. This Harry Potter-loving pillar of strength for MTTN makes sure that no article reaches the website without first reaching her high standards.No task is too big or small for her and all that she does, she will do away from the spotlight. She is a lover of soap operas, a hater of stereotypes and does not have a funda because they’re cliché.
Vishnu Deva
Senior Editor
Meet vishnu. A man with not just one God, but two in his name. Kind, intelligent, funny, and witty, his name is an accurate Representation of his personality and everything he stands for. With Vishnu, what you see is what you get. No unpleasant surprises. A brilliant writer, one of our best, the only thing Vishnu needs to be happy is some peace quiet, coupled with a good book. He'll settle for a great time with his close friends, though. Need your work looked into without any skepticism plus lots of encouragement and support? Look no further. Vishnu Deva is your guy.
Shantheri Kamath
Senior Editor
Shantheri describes herself as the Cinderella of the crew who’s in a perpetual hurry to get places. She speaks at least 6 of the languages known to humans (probably a lot more in the other extra-terrestrial, extra dimensional realms she traverses on a daily basis). She’s a staunch Whovian and a Potterhead. Raised on a steady diet of fairy tales and mythology, she knows everything there is to know about practically every Indian culture/ mythology. Good luck winning an argument involving the Ramayana or the Mahabharata with her!
Arjan Singh
Senior Editor
The big and badass guy who always looks like he's on his way to a jungle adventure, Arjan is the gentle guy who almost always makes the conversation funny. He might look violent and maybe even dangerous on his bulky motorbike(that no one rides for free) but he's probably just waiting eagerly to crack the next pseudo-racist joke.
Dikshit Sharma
Senior Photographer
‘Vision first; equipment second’ is the mantra followed by MTTN’s in house artistic/photography genius. ‘Guruji’, as he’s so dubbed among people who follow his work close, Dikshit Sharma lives life believing that one must live in the moment, and prefers a small camp on a hill underneath the pristine night sky to a room at the Burj Khalifa. A lover of art in general, he’s also a guitarist, and has travelled all over India looking for the magnificent stories hidden away in the remotest parts of the country, and wishes to travel the world doing the same.