Navrasa: Wonder

“Joel #556, you are now to partake in a state-recommended nap. Proceed to close your eyes,” said Ms Carol #325. Joel #556 duly complied. Deep down, however, he didn’t want to take a nap. In fact, he didn’t want to be at school in the first place.

Joel #556, or Continue Reading

The Banksy Effect

The spotlights focus. The curtain draws. The gavel strikes for the third time. And sold.

On 5th October 2018, right after the closing bid, UK’s favourite artwork (according to a Samsung poll in 2017), ‘Girl with Balloon’, began to self-destruct. However, it stopped midway, giving us probably the most Continue Reading

Celestial- Day Twenty-Three of NaPoWriMo

Inhaling a long drag from his chillum

Waiting for the smoke to clear up,

Stood the lithe figure of Neelkanth.

Dark majestic hair cascading down,

His broad, muscular shoulders,

Like the gentle flow of the Ganges.

Battle scars gleaming in the moonlight,

Off his tranquil back, he waited.

A sudden … Continue Reading

Speckled—Day Eight Of NaPoWriMo


“Speckled shades of scarlet and sapphire,

did they blend to form flames of a fire?


Splatters of chrome and crimson,

how did they stem from my imaginary prism?”


That night, all sense had ceased to exist,

and two lovers were out for a tryst;

chaos and pleasure, Continue Reading

Creak- Day Seven of NaProWriMo


Has democracy started to creak, with the chaos that has broken out?
Whom to choose, whom to trust, with the supposed leaders,
sheepishly stand as demagogues, as political opportunists?

Between jingoistic warmongers, so swelled in their small-minded bigotry,
ready to cripple, ready to kill,
ready to besmirch anyone who … Continue Reading

Inktober: What Is It?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Pablo Picasso

It doesn’t take much to pick up a brush and flair your colours on paper. Art is an expression of something that words fail to decipher. You look around for inspiration, … Continue Reading

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