Drip Drop, Make the Boredom Stop


It’s been days without proper sunlight, and the familiar nursery rhyme, ‘Rain rain go away, come again another day’ has never seemed more fitting for a situation than it is now.

Every morning, when we pull the curtains back, we sigh in defeat seeing raindrops drum against our … Continue Reading

The Social VIP Ticket: Male Privilege

The term ‘male privilege’ might ring unfamiliar in your ears. Is it really possible that four syllables could singlehandedly explain why you got interrupted midway through a sentence, why the pockets on your pants are miniature “pockettes”, why you couldn’t drink alone at a bar without having to deal with … Continue Reading

Creak- Day Seven of NaProWriMo


Has democracy started to creak, with the chaos that has broken out?
Whom to choose, whom to trust, with the supposed leaders,
sheepishly stand as demagogues, as political opportunists?

Between jingoistic warmongers, so swelled in their small-minded bigotry,
ready to cripple, ready to kill,
ready to besmirch anyone who … Continue Reading

Where is Humanity Headed?

Most scientists and sociologists agree that where humanity is headed in the near future can be boiled down to three possibilities. The first and most desired possibility is the human race spreading outwards into space and eventually establishing a Galactic Empire. The next is that humans build right into the … Continue Reading

Life advice from strangers

The train started to slow down, the agonizing sound of the wheels grinding against the tracks seemed to reflect my internal agony. The train had reached Anakapalle, stopping there for only a few minutes before it would resume its journey towards my destination.

The station lay barren, with only a … Continue Reading

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