Home— Day Nine of NaPoWriMo

My dad smells of a lavender perfume

which doesn’t belong to my mom.

My mom reeks of menthols

that I’ve been asking her to quit.


Dad’s not staying for the dinner,

“urgent meeting” is his pretext.

She smiles sadly, her eyes so dull,

the door shuts, and silence befalls.… Continue Reading

Home Away from Home

Returning to college after two and a half months of vacation comes with a mix of feelings. There is a disappointment because, after all that time of relaxing in the summer sun, even the thought of 8 AM classes, assignments and sessionals is off-putting. Yet, there’s also an undeniable excitement … Continue Reading


Most of my Sunday mornings are spent thinking about home. There is a certain weather which one can associate with a lazy Sunday. My dad spends his day tending to the house, beginning with the hall, and ending with the balconies, with me as his sincere assistant. The first half … Continue Reading

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