The Vilification of Women in Mythology

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The Other Half of the Story

It was the darkest day of the year. The sky was draped with countless constellations, each spelling a different story. Mount Olympus reached into this jewelled drapery, causing wrinkles that recast events and refashioned lives. This is one such episode.

In the beginning, there were three parents— the sun, the Continue Reading

Nine Yards of Platonic Love

“Between men and women, there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.”

An old statement by Oscar Wilde, a belief most people consider accurate—a misconception. 


Mythology has a wicked way of teaching us the dos and don’ts of life. These tales also portray Continue Reading

The Blindfolded Queen’s Misery

Long before a bitter curse was spoken, before the war for righteousness was won, a girl made a choice. What went on through her mind when she made her choice? Why did she decide to blindfold herself and share her husband’s plight? The girl could have been the eyes of Continue Reading

Hijras: India’s Third Gender

If you find yourself at a red stoplight in India, chances are you might find them squeezing through the gaps between the cars, tapping on windows, and unceremoniously asking for money. They often wear vibrant outfits and wait at traffic signals as their only means of livelihood. What you see … Continue Reading

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