Pluto: The Misunderstood Expatriate

Is there anyone more ignored?

Ambling on slowly, floored,

By the disrespect, deflated,

Neither remembered nor hated.

It’s Pluto, out of his glory days

Whence he had garnered some praise.

Yes, he’s smaller, yes, he’s farther than

Every other planet and the dialogue began.

“We gave recognition to

The Eight, … Continue Reading

An Ode to Friendship

Another moment of space-time passed,
Another eternity for the orb that stood last.
Strong storms cutting through the dark silence,
nd newborn rings draping the sky like a valance, 


Such is the existence of Neptune.


“O God of Sea! God of horses!” bellowed Triton,
“Honour me with Continue Reading

Life On Uranus

I just woke up, 

drowning in a puddle of sweat. 

Thinking of what I saw last night, 

was it an invitation or a threat? 


Confused and distressed,

I put my head into my hands.

A sigh escapes me as I wonder,

if the possession of this knowledge,

is with Continue Reading

Landing on Jupiter


Floating on a cloud of hydrogen and helium; so featherlight,
I’d gaze at the twilight sky turn into night.
Europa, Ganymede, Io, Titan, Sinope…
79 moons of Jupiter adorning the mystifying backdrop. 

778.5 million kilometres away from the Sun
I would lay curled up in a coat made of Continue Reading

10×31 / syllabled Venusian / e-invitation

From: Planet Venus


To: All the Earthlings 


Subject: You are invited!   


Greetings! Dear earthlings, 

‘Tis  time I penned you my dream

to be colonized. 

But it’s quite disheartening—  

your ceaseless cold shouldering. 


I’m just a planet 

hoping to expand your home. 

But first things first—let’s 

set Continue Reading

Mercury’s Melancholy

My eyes besiege the eyesight of a stranger
Like waves meet at the great shore
Clinging from the precipice
He asks, “O smallest of them all”
Do you ever desire anything more?
He doesn’t mind my ashen face
Our distance being worlds apart
I said, “The enigma has long worn Continue Reading

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